A Platform Approach to Securing Your Smart Living

To address the rising level of concern regarding product security in the smart living industry (e.g. Healthcare, Smart Home), the platform design approach, with integrated hardware and software, allows device designers to build in security from the chip up, protecting their systems against cyber threats as well as physical tampering.

Platform-based development offers significant benefits for product development. Since everything has been pre-integrated, tested, and maintained by Renesas, developers can build products on a proven security foundation, reducing engineering risk, development time, and cost, while achieving better security and reliability.

Solutions based on the Renesas Synergy Platform can draw upon a rich set of security functions that address confidentiality, trust, non-repudiation, and availability of data through mechanisms like key protection and storage, true random number generation, symmetric and asymmetric cipher algorithms, hash functions, secure boot, and secure memory segments. In addition, the Renesas Synergy Platform also offers full DLM (Device Lifecycle Management) with innovative features such as a key injection service and a certifiable root of trust.

Security Solutions

Renesas Synergy™ MCU

The Renesas Synergy MCUs, forming the basis of the Synergy Platform, provide hardware security features previously available only in dedicated Secure Element chips that were developed for specialized, highly secure identity applications (e.g. SIM cards, VPN tokens, etc.) The MCU’s high level of integration eliminates the need for another chip, a socket, and a communications bus (I2C bus). This reduces the size, complexity, power consumption, and cost of the circuit board.

Synergy MCU Security Features
  S7 Series S5 Series S3 Series S1 Series
Hardware Symmetric Cryptograph Accelerator
Asymmetric Cryptograph Accelerator
HASH Accelerator
True Random Number Generator
Asymmetric Key Generation Accelerator
Key Secure Storage
Limited JTAG Access
Secure MPU
Unique ID
Software TLS 1.2/ SSL Library
Cryptograph Library
Secure Boot Manager
CAVP Certifications for Synergy
Validation List Certification Number Description Certification Link
DBRG 2152 Synergy HW DRBG for Synergy S5 and S7 series MCU devices, Secure Crypto Engine 7 Learn more
AES 5384 Synergy HW AES for Synergy S5 and S7 Series MCU devices, Secure Crypto Engine 7 Learn more
AES 5385 Synergy HW/FW GCM for Synergy S5 and S7 Series MCU devices, Secure Crypto Engine 7 1.4.0 (Firmware) Learn more
SHS 4378 Synergy HW SHA for Synergy S5 and S7 series MCU devices, Secure Crypto Engine 7 Learn more

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RX security solutions implement a Root of Trust for IoT devices using encryption by key data that is protected by a strong Trusted Secure IP, and a memory-protected authentication program. By implementing security functions using an RX microcontroller (MCU), you can easily and strongly protect IoT devices against threats.

Hardware-Based Security Features of RX
MCU series Encryption Memory protection
Trusted Secure IP AES RSA SHA TRNG Code protect Trusted memory Area protection Memory protection unit

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