Renesas connectivity solutions are available for wireless communication (BLE and Sub-GHz) and wired communication (PLC) applications. They enable customers to build networks linking devices and systems without the need to install new wiring. Evaluation boards, sample software, evaluation tools, and documentation are provided to provide total support for customers' development efforts.

The biggest feature of smart meters is their communication functionality. This functionality links the power supplier (the power company) and the consumer (the device in the home), and a variety of communication standards are used in different countries and regions. In Japan, wireless multi-hop, 1:N wireless, and PLC are being considered for communication between the supplier and smart meter. For communication within the home (or building), Wi-SUN wireless communication, supplemented by power line communication (PLC), are the main methods employed. In the US and Europe, Wi-SUN and PLC hold the dominant positions, while a variety of other methods such as wireless multi-hop, 2G or 3G mobile communication, and ZigBee® wireless communication are under consideration.


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Bluetooth® Low Energy Technology that Brings the IoT to Life 日本語 White Paper PDF 721 KB


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LoRaWAN(R) IoT Demo Rev.2.20 - Sample Code Sample Code ZIP 1.25 MB
- LoRaWAN(R) IoT Demo Rev.2.20 Application Note PDF 1.21 MB
Bluetooth® Low Energy Protocol Stack BLE & LoRaWAN® Application Rev.1.00 - Sample Code 日本語 Sample Code ZIP 2.97 MB
- Bluetooth® Low Energy Protocol Stack BLE & LoRaWAN® Application Rev.1.00 日本語 Application Note PDF 1.40 MB

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