Most weight scales use bridge transducers for precise measurements. The challenge with this implementation is that the output differential signal from the transducer is very small and needs to be amplified prior to processing. For general MCU control systems, this typically involves using instrumentation amplifiers with high accuracy ADCs and voltage references. The advantage of the RA2A1 is that it integrates these high-precision analog functions, such as op amps, a 24-bit sigma-delta ADC, 16-bit ADCs, and DAC. This enables designers to simplify their design by eliminating external components. It also reduces overall system space and cost, while increasing system reliability. The integration of analog functions in a microcontroller offers interesting ways to create combined analog and digital functions that work together under full user control. This system solution provides an accurate method for sensing the transducer signal and measuring it with the RA2A1 MCU.

System Benefits:

  • The RA2A1 provides an integrated op amp configuration function
  • The RA2A1 has a 24-bit sigma-delta A/D converter function
Winning Combinations

Winning Combinations

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