Renesas recommends the RX, SH-2A and SH-4A microcontrollers (MCUs) for high-speed access needs, which enable an on-chip SD Host Interface (SDHI). If the emphasis is on compactness and low power consumption, a range of general-purpose MCU solutions are also available. Developers building systems to their own specifications can choose the MCU that best meets their exact requirements.

Renesas’ MCUs support the FAT file system* middleware and SD memory card control device drivers, and can be used in healthcare and measuring equipment (with data-logger capabilities), audio recording devices and digital music players.

*FAT file system is a patent of Microsoft Corporation.

SD Memory Card Control Block Diagram

Note: A license is required to develop host systems using an SD memory card. For more information, please contact the SD Association.

Related Products

Block Semiconductor Device Recommended Products Features
Control MCU MCU 78K0R Series 16-bit CPU core, serial interface
V850 Series 32-bit CPU core, serial interface
H8S Family 16-bit CISC H8S/2000 CPU core, serial interface
H8SX Family 32-bit CISC H8SX CPU core, serial interface, CRC calculator
M16C/60 Series 16-bit CISC M16C/60 CPU core, serial interface, CRC calculator
M32C/80 Series 16/32-bit CISC M32C/80 CPU core, serial interface, CRC calculator
R32C/100 Series 32-bit CISC R32C/100 CPU core, serial interface, CRC calculator
R8C Family 16-bit CISC R8C CPU core, serial interface
SH-2A (SH7260 Series) 32-bit RISC SH-2A core, SDHI
SH-4A (SH-MobileR Series) 32-bit RISC SH-4A core, SDHI
RX Family 32-bit CISC RX CPU core, SDHI, serial interface, CRC calculator
RA Family 32-bit Arm Cortex-M CPU core, SD Host Interface (SDHI), serial interface, CRC calculator
RL78 Family 16-bit CISC RL78 core, serial interface
Discrete Power MOSFET μPA2630 PMOSFET