Renesas offers solutions for safer, more fuel-efficient powertrain.

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An engine ECU must provide real-time control in order to realize low fuel consumption. In recent years, new control functions have been added to handle capabilities such as mechanisms that automatically shut off the engine when the vehicle is stopped and regeneration systems that utilize mechanical energy during deceleration.

The systems, in which a high-pressure fuel pump pressurizes the fuel for injection directly into the cylinder by an injector, provide greater freedom in the injection timing and volume than MPI systems.

Among internal combustion engines, diesel engines boast excellent thermal efficiency and can burn fuel that is not highly refined. They use a compression ignition system in which intake air is pressurized and fuel is injected into it, causing it to self-ignite. Such systems are not prone to knocking even when supercharging is used, so most diesel engines are used in conjunction with superchargers.

A transmission ECU must operate in a high-temperature environment. Renesas offers MCUs that deliver low current consumption even at high temperatures for transmission ECU applications. They are backed by an extensive lineup of analog and power devices.


The RH850/E2M microcontrollers operate at 400MHz and are equipped with large-capacity code Flash and RAM of the highest speed class, which is necessary for real-time control.

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