November 4, 2014
Display it! – RZ HMI Solution Kit

Dusseldorf, November 4, 2014 — Renesas Electronics Europe, a premier provider of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced the release of the "Display it! – RZ HMI Solution Kit". The solution kit enables engineers to quickly evaluate and demonstrate the leading HMI tools in the industry, accelerating their prototyping and decision-making processes. The new "Display it! – RZ HMI Solution Kit" is based on Renesas' RZ/A1 family of embedded microprocessor devices.


  Renesas has designed the RZ/A1 specifically for HMI applications by including up to 10MB of embedded RAM, reducing power consumption and eliminating the need for external RAM while driving excellent screen performance. The RAM is separated into five blocks with a multilayer bus, ensuring that there are no data-access collisions when running code, reading picture data and writing picture data. The RZ/A1 allows these to run concurrently, enabling the application to operate at a lower frequency than with a one-bus solution. The device family includes all the standard connectivity expected on an HMI – CAN, USB and Ethernet – and can control screen sizes up to WXGA.


  In addition to being based on the industry leading RZ/A family, the kit also includes demo versions of the most important HMI software on the market, such as MicroEJ from IS2t, GUIliani from TES, emWIN from Segger, and GUIX from Express Logic as well as sample software from Renesas. This allows engineering teams to quickly make decisions on what software is most appropriate for their application, speeding the time to market.


  The solution kit also includes the RZ development board, a WVGA screen, compiler, debugger and IDE – everything engineers need to start their HMI development once they have selected the HMI software they require.


  The "Display it! – RZ HMI solution kit" is part of a range of next generation solution kits that Renesas will be launching at electronica 2014 in November (Hall A6, Stand 243). It will be available for ordering via Renesas' franchised distribution partners after the event. The solution kit's part name is YDISPLAY-IT-RZ. Additional technical details are available at www.renesas/rzhmi.


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