November 30, 2016

TOKYO, Japan, November 30, 2016 — Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, was honored as “Best Partner” from Panasonic Corporation (TSE: 6752) at their Excellent Partners Meeting. The Best Supplier Award recognizes the exceptional contribution made by Renesas in the development of automotive infotainment systems and other products.


At the same time, Renesas received the “Contribution to Technology Development” award of excellence, the top award in this category, and the “ECO-VC” award gold prize, which recognizes the highest level of achievement in eco-friendly value creation (ECO-VC) activities promoted by Panasonic. Renesas is the first company to receive all three of these prestigious awards at the same time.


At the Excellent Partners Meeting held by Panasonic on November 4, Kazuhiro Tsuga, President of Panasonic Corporation, thanked Tetsuya Tsurumaru, Representative Director and Chairman at Renesas, for the significant contribution Renesas has made to Panasonic’s product development, business expansion, and ECO-VC efforts, and presented him with trophies and plaques symbolizing the awards.


Of the over 200 companies represented at Panasonic’s annual event, the Excellent Partners Meeting, Renesas was selected to receive the “Best Partner” award. Renesas also received the “Contribution to Technology Development” award of excellence. It recognizes for not only supplying the R-Car system-on-chips (SoCs) for in-vehicle infotainment systems, but Renesas’ collaboration with Panasonic on platform development, as well as Renesas’ contribution to the simultaneous development of five models worldwide. The exceptional scalability of Renesas R-Car SoC lineups, combined with Renesas’ engagement in building a software environment allowing maximum utilization of various accelerator functions, enabled Panasonic to maximize the performance of its applications. Panasonic is the first company anywhere in the world to adopt the entire R-Car lineup (R-Car H2, R-Car M2, and R-Car E2 SoCs) for use in its products.


The “ECO-VC” award gold prize recognizes efforts to combine environmental activities (reducing CO 2 emissions) and value creation. The gold prize, the most prestigious, was awarded to Renesas in recognition of the fact that by utilizing the 40 nanometer (nm) flash RH850 microcontroller (MCU) as an automotive infotainment system control MCU, the system’s overall CO 2 emissions were reduced by 60 percent, while achieving impressive value creation by substantially boosting performance and reducing the system cost.


Renesas’ winning of the above three awards in a single year is something no other company has achieved, and achievement of this triple award testifies to the significant contribution Renesas has made to the products, business, and environmental activities of Panasonic. By continuing to provide a wide variety of solutions in the years ahead, not only in the automotive field but in areas such as the home and social infrastructure, Renesas is committed to the global business success of Panasonic as a “best partner.”

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