New Driver Improves Audio Capabilities for Notebook and Desktop Computers
September 26, 2006

SAN JOSE, Calif., September 26, 2006 — IDT(Integrated Device Technology, Inc.; NASDAQ:  IDTI), a leading provider of vital semiconductor solutions, today announced the availability of a High Definition Audio (HD Audio) codec software driver which supports IDT PC Audio customers in their implementation of advanced audio capabilities in Windows ™ Vista™ compliant systems.  With its acquisition of the industry’s highest fidelity PC Audio codecs, IDT is already providing PC OEMs and ODMs unparalleled audio fidelity.  By combining these PC Audio codecs with the sophisticated and flexible Vista compliant software from IDT, the company is easing the transition to Vista compliance, which presents a major transition for many computing vendors.  This frees PC OEMs and ODMs to focus on developing innovative audio capabilities while dramatically speeding time to market and reducing risk. 


The new software, which utilizes the existing IDT HD Audio codecs, allows customers to easily provide simultaneous audio processing objects (APO) -- including third-party add-ons and proprietary functionality -- beyond the capabilities built into Vista itself.  The software also provides an unmatched ability to achieve dynamic resource reassignment.  This allows independent multiple audio streams with no interruption to music or video playback, while providing a seamless and intuitive experience to listeners when multiple audio usages occur simultaneously, such as listening to music or making voice over IP (VoIP) telephony calls. 


Key capabilities in the IDT software include:

·       Simultaneously integrated multiple APOs, extending the Vista single APO model.  The software includes an innovative APO backplane capability permitting system vendors to integrate multiple third-party DSP add-ons for sound processing.  This provides system differentiation and the ability to “up-sell” audio capabilities at time of purchase.  Additionally, third-party audio packages can be easily and cleanly integrated into the IDT environment.  Examples of such APOs include well-known sound specialist brands, the Microsoft APO and custom OEM modules.

·       Multiple independent control panels, each supporting an individual APO.  This capability enables the rapid deployment of advanced user interfaces, along with the professional quality audio processing.

·       Dynamic resource reassignment among multiple audio streams.  This provides users with the ability to handle a VoIP call through a headset without interrupting the music or video stream coming through the speakers.

·       Easy configuration around a single driver image.  This allows PC system manufacturers to deploy multiple differentiated systems while using a single, unified IDT driver. 


“IDT is committed to providing system OEMs with the earliest and safest path to full Windows Logo Program compliance, and freeing our customers to focus on significant end system capabilities and differentiation.  Our new software, coupled with the industry’s highest fidelity audio codec devices, enable our customers to take full advantage of the growing importance of audio in modern computers,” said Phil Bourekas, vice president and general manager of IDT’s PC audio operations.  Vista represents a significant change in the importance of audio in personal computer devices.  IDT is committed to continuing the excellent audio service, support and new product introductions that our customers have come to expect by staying at the very forefront of audio technology innovation.”



The IDT Windows Vista audio codec software driver is currently sampling to IDT OEM customers.  A license to the software is included with the purchase of high-fidelity HD Audio codecs for OEM systems. The software will be generally released in advance of the Microsoft Vista roll out.


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