NLT Technologies Expands Mid-Size Offerings for Industrial Display Applications; New 15.6-inch and 19.0-inch LCD Modules With LED Backlights Deliver Superior Viewability, Reliability and Low-Power Operation

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15 May 2013

15.6-inch WXGA color model NL13676AC25-01D

Superior characteristics for industrial applications

The new 15.6-inch module offers the performance and feature set needed for industrial equipment including:

  • Wide operating and storage temperature ranges (-20 to +70 O C / -20 to +80 O C)”
  • High luminance of 400cd/m2
  • Long-life span
  • Replaceable LED
  • Built-in LED backlight driver circui


Wide aspect ratio format

Recently, the need for wide format LCDs has increased in the industrial equipment market as broadcasters and computer system software adopt wide format. The new 15.6-inch WXGA module has been developed to meet this demand, with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. It also achieves a fast response time to allow smooth display of video images and special features including “tickers” and scrolling news updates.


19.0-inch SXGA color model NL128102AC29-17

High level of visibility

The modules deliver superior viewability thanks to a combination of NLT’s proprietary LED backlight system design, for high-luminance of 800 candelas per square meter and a high contrast ratio of 1000:1 achieved by applying NLT’s proprietary high-quality imaging technology Super Fine TFT (SFT) technology. The result is a high-resolution 19.0-inch SXGA LCD module that is ideal for use in medical displays that require the precise reproduction of shadow and off angle color representation, or for industrial displays used in bright environments. In these markets, there is still strong demand for conventional aspect ratio such as 4:3 or 5:4. The new 19.0-inch SXGA module with 5:4 aspect ratio has been developed to serve these markets.


Reliable performance

In both new modules, the LED backlight system delivers both long life span and high luminance. Moreover, by improving the LCD panel component and design, it achieves a wide operating temperature range from -20 to +70 degrees Celsius. This guarantees stable, long-term operation even in the extreme temperature conditions required for industrial applications.


The new products are planned for release in August 2013. For specifications on the new modules, please refer to the separate spec sheet.


Additional information about these LCD display products, manufactured by NLT Technologies and represented by Renesas Electronics America in the Americas, can be found at


About Renesas Electronics America’s Display Business

Renesas Electronics America is the authorized representative in the Americas of NLT Technologies, Ltd. (established July 2011 as a joint venture between NEC Corporation and Shenzhen AVIC Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.), a leading supplier of innovative LCD products for industrial applications. With an extensive lineup of 2.7- to 22.5-inch active-matrix LCD modules and a network of distributors and value-added partners (VAPs), Renesas Electronics America provides complete display module solutions from NLT Technologies to the industrial, medical and high-end monitor market. In addition to modules based on NLT Technologies' SFT for ultra-wide viewing, Renesas Electronics America also offers LCD modules that include ultra-high resolutions, wide temperature ranges, high contrast ratios, rich color gamuts, backward compatibility, LED backlights, and transflective viewing for use in diverse lighting environments.


Renesas Electronics America and NLT Technologies are committed to delivering innovative, high-performance, eco-conscious LCD solutions that address the diverse size, power and high image-quality needs of their industrial, medical and high-end monitor customers. Based on technologies developed by NLT Technologies, the LCD modules are optimized and designed for a range of applications, including portable and fixed medical equipment, test and measurement devices, instrumentation equipment, point-of-sale systems, gaming systems, global positioning systems, radio-frequency identification devices and barcode scanners.


Additional information about these LCD display products, manufactured by NLT Technologies and represented by Renesas Electronics America in the Americas, can be found at


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