IDT Expands Sensor Portfolio with Solid-State Flow Sensor Modules for Liquids and Gases

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MEMS-based Digital Flow Sensor with Silicon-Carbide Coating is Industry's Most Robust and Reliable Solution Also Compatible with Food-Grade Applications

25 Jul 2017

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 25, 2017 – Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT®) (NASDAQ: IDTI) announced the addition of MEMS-based flow sensor modules to its growing portfolio of industry-leading sensor products. The innovative solid-state sensor element design eliminates cavities and diaphragms typically found in competitive offerings, and features a protective silicon-carbide coating, making it the industry's most robust and reliable flow sensor element also compatible with food-grade applications.

The IDT®FS1012 and FS2012 are high-performance, digital flow rate sensor modules suitable for both liquids and gases. The sensors have no moving parts, no fragile diaphragm over a cavity, and feature a layer of silicon-carbide coating. This eliminates clogged sensor elements and fluid pressure sensitivity, provides excellent shock resistance, and prevents chemicals from damaging the sensor element – problems inherent to other, common sensor architectures. The attention to these issues make IDT's solution especially desirable for use in medical, industrial, and FDA-compatible food-grade consumer applications where reliability, robustness, and cross-contamination are critical factors.

"IDT's portfolio of industry-leading sensor solutions is growing rapidly," said Sailesh Chittipeddi, executive vice president global operations and chief technology officer at IDT. "The introduction of flow sensor modules provides new opportunities for IDT in medical, industrial, and consumer applications – where its signal conditioning and timing products have built a large customer base and strong reputation over the years. Early engagements with customers have garnered tremendous interest and praise for the challenging problems these digital flow sensors are able to solve."

The flow sensor modules offer accuracy down to 2% of the measurement reading, providing high-accuracy in high- or low-flow situations using the same sensor module. The compact package, wide -40 to 125°C operating temperature range, and ubiquitous 3V to 5V supply voltage range eases system design integration constraints. Application examples include beverage dispensers, IV drip monitors, oxygen monitors, mass air flow sensors, and gas flow monitors in process equipment.

The FS1012 is an uncalibrated stand-alone flow sensor module with an analog output. The FS2012 is a fully-calibrated version of the same flow sensor, featuring on-board analog to digital conversion and temperature compensation circuitry for plug-and-play usage in complex digital systems.

The FS1012 and FS2012 flow sensor modules are available now. Visit to learn more and request samples. For more information about IDT's industry-leading portfolio of sensor products, visit the sensor products webpage or contact your local IDT sales representative.


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