FY2019/12 Renesas' Revenue by Business Domains

chart: FY2019/12 Renesas' Revenue by Business Domains
Automotive Business
371.1 billion yen
Industrial, Infrastructure, IoT Business
329.7 billion yen
17.4 billion yen
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Automotive Business

Renesas offers high value-added system solutions combining the world-leading  automotive microcontrollers/System-on-Chips and analog & power products that help advance functions in vehicles for the realization of ADAS and autonomous driving.

Automotive Business
371.1 billion yen
chart: FY2019/12 Automotive Business
Major Products
  • MCUs (microcontrollers)
  • SoCs (system-on-chips)
  • analog semiconductor devices
  • power semiconductor devices
  • Automotive Control
    • For controlling automobile engines, bodies and xEV, etc.
  • Automotive Information
    • For automotive information systems such as navigation systems, ADAS systems, etc.
image: advanced functions of cars
image: autonomous driving

Industrial, Infrastructure & IoT Business

Combination of its world-leading microcontrollers with a rich line-up of high-performance analog & power products provides embedded design innovations for a broad range of industrial, infrastructure, and IoT applications.

Industrial Business
329.7 Billion Yen
chart: FY2019/12 Industrial, Infrastructure, IoT Business
Major Products
  • MCUs (microcontrollers)
  • SoCs (system-on-chips)
  • analog semiconductor devices
  • Industrial
    • For factory automation (FA) equipment, etc
  • Infrastructure
    • For data center (DC), base station equipment, etc
  • IoT
    • For home appliances, broad-based products, etc
image: industry
image: smart infrastructure
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MCU is a semiconductor integrating computing capabilities into a single chip. MCU works as a brain of various electric appliances and controls appliances according to pre-installed program.

Analog IC

Analog IC is an IC which processes analog signals. Analog IC is classified into Linear IC and Mixed Signal IC. Linea IC is composed of analog circuits whereas Mixed Signal IC is composed of both analog and digital circuits.

Power Semiconductors

Power Devices are semiconductor devices that convert, control and supply electric power in accordance with components used.


SoC (System on Chip) is a semiconductor that integrates several functions necessary for running equipment and systems into a single chip.

How Semiconductors are Used

Renesas' semiconductors are used in various electronic appliances and play significant roles.

image: Wide Range of Applications

Manages Every Movement in Cars

image: Manages every movement of cars

Quality Assurance Systems

image: Quality Assurance Systems

(as of February 12, 2020)

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