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Indulge your MCyou

With hundreds of Alliance partners and dozens of specialized programs, the Renesas Ecosystem surrounds the MCU in your design and YOU the Designer enabling fast time to market with off the shelf examples and solutions and multiple channels of support. Take advantage of our wide ranging collaborations and partnerships to jump start your next design and indulge your MCyou!

The Ecosystem Wizard

Need to find something quickly? Try the Renesas Ecosystem Wizard. Use the drop down box to select common design activities.

The Renesas Ecosystem in Print

articleThe Renesas Ecosystem with it's many facets was featured in the March 2014 issue of Embedded Developer. Click the image to view the issue and read more about the Renesas Ecosystem and all it has to offer.


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With so many available options it can be difficult to find the right services and offerings to match your needs at specific points in the design cycle. Moving the Renesas Ecosystem slider above allows you to quickly find what you need at common points in a design cycle. To begin, we'll show them all.

Alliance Partners The partners you need - Find hundreds of 3rd parties ready to serve Less

Alliance The Renesas Alliance Partner program, with three tiers of partner identification, plus auto and global specific partners, is a worldwide initiative which establishes and cultivates relationships with third-party design, manufacturing, software, tool, and component companies. Through harnessing and building on the core competencies and skills of these exceptional third-party organizations, Renesas offers a comprehensive network of support to our customers. renesas.com/en-us/support/partners/alliance-partner.html

ApplicationsApplication solutions across a range of segments and technologiesLess

Apps Information on solutions using Renesas semiconductor products across a range of segments and technologies including Industrial, Healthcare, Mobile, Energy, Automotive, and more. Find concrete solutions that can be used immediately for shortening development time, reducing costs, lowering power consumption, and so on. renesas.com/en-us/solutions.html

BooksEnhance your reference library with Renesas booksLess

Books In collaboration with key partners and top educators in engineering and embedded systems, Renesas proudly offers a library of high-quality reference and textbooks, forming a comprehensive reference base for engineers and students alike. renesas.com/en-us/support/technical-resources/books.html

BuyInformation on local reps and distributorsLess

Ready to support your design needs from start to finish. Find all of the fine Renesas distributors and sales representatives at our buy page. Product sales and support, samples, status and availability information, plus much more. Our team is ready to support your past, present, and future designs. renesas.com/en-us/support/buy.html

Contact UsContact information for products, support, sales, and moreLess

Contact Follow the link here to find contact information for Renesas sales, tech support, general inquires, and literature. Contact Us

Demonstration KitsHardware, software, and the kitchen sink kick starts your designLess

Demo Kits To ease the difficulty engineers experience when evaluating hardware and software options, Renesas created the Renesas Demonstration Kits, or RDKs for short. The RDK is a "Kitchen sink" of parts - With so many components connected to an MCU and ready to go with a vast array of projects from Renesas and third-party Alliance partners, evaluation becomes easier as there is no need to source and connect parts and write hours of example and test code. renesas.com/en-us/products/software-tools/boards-and-kits.html

Development ToolsHardware and software development tools for all phases of designLess

Tools Information on software and development tools. An abundant selection of development tools and software provide support from the design stage to evaluation and mass production, to help make development easier, faster, and more accurate. renesas.com/en-us/products/software-tools.html

DevConRenesas Developers' Conferences and related eventsLess

DevCon The Renesas Developer's Conference, or DevCon, is a great event to learn about a wide range of technologies and products from Renesas and our Alliance partners. Featuring 100's of sessions and exhibits over a range of topics, DevCon is a one-stop shop to see what's hot, gain knowledge on emerging technologies, and take home valuable insights on Renesas and Renesas partner hardware, software, and solutions.

Missed DevCon? Renesas takes the seminars on the road with programs such as DevCon Extension. These face to-face meetings let you acquire the latest information and get immediate answers to questions on specific issues and concerns. Make plans to join us! www.RenesasDevCon.com

Dr. MicroThe official Renesas Know-It-All bloggerLess

Dr. Micro The Doctor is in! Each week Dr. Micro brings exciting topics to light as he blogs on Renesas products, technology, partners and more in an easy to digest fashion. The Dr. Micro blog serves up a plethora of information, tips, and tricks to make working with Renesas devices just that much easier. www.RenesasRulz.com/doctor_micro

EDA SymbolsSchematic and PCB symbols for 22 popular EDA toolsLess

EDA Symbols To aide in getting your design off the ground quickly, Renesas offers EDA symbols for many of its popular products. Download schematic symbols and PCB footprints in a vendor neutral format called a BXL file. Then use the Ultra-Librarian Reader from Accelerated Designs, which Renesas provides as a free download, to quickly export symbols into a number of popular EDA tool formats. Get your symbols now at www.RenesasRulz.com/edasym

EDGE MagazineThe Renesas tech info magazineLess

edge Renesas EDGE is our online technical information magazine. Articles cover technologies and topics, as well as global trends and features on craftsmanship. renesas.com/en-us/about/web-magazine/edge.html

EnvironmentalEnvironmental compliance informationLess

Concerned about Conflict Minerals, Red Phosphorous, or RoHS? Maybe you need data on Cobalt Dichloride or Dimethyl Fumarate. The Renesas Environmental Compliance webpages give you the data you need and the assurances that Renesas supplies eco-friendly products for an eco-friendly smart society. Learn more at: renesas.com/en-us/support/products-common/lead.html

EventsSave the date and find events in your areaLess

events Renesas and our technology partners are on the road again with exciting new products and solutions. View the Renesas calendar of current and upcoming events at: renesas.com/en-us/about/events.html

FIRSTSupport for tomorrow's innovators and STEM educationLess

FIRST In support of local communities and STEM education Renesas is dedicated to working with FIRST® (For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science & Technology) to motivate and inspire the next generation of engineers and technology leaders.

Renesas support FRC teams with funding grants and works closely with FIRST to identify and support Kit Of Part items. renesas.com/en-us/about/company/first.html

KnowledgebaseFAQs and info for commonly asked questionsLess

Knowledgebase Our database of over 4,000 questions and answers grows daily. Technical and non-technical information on Renesas products and services are waiting for you at: https://en-us.knowledgebase.renesas.com/

LongevityPeace of mind for your design's futureLess

Longevity Products participating in this program have been selected from products developed for market segments in which long product life is generally required for most applications. Longevity products are clearly indicated on the website and have a published date of termination. If a product's longevity duration is extended, the date of termination is updated. Find out more about the Renesas Product Longevity Program (PLP) at:

Micon CarExhibition robotic race carsLess

Micon Car Fast paced and fast action. The Micon Car program brings autonomous racing robotics to light. These line following robots come in kit form or with competition specs to build your own. Popular in Japan for almost 20 years, the Micon Car is a great way to learn about motor control, PID loops, and more. Find out more about the Micon Car program at: renesas.com/en-hq/about/carrally.html

MyRenesasEmail subscription serviceLess

MyRenesas Subscribe to receive the latest product information and alerts on new and updated documents (catalogs, datasheets, manuals...), as well as technical updates and notices about Renesas events and seminars, by e-mail. https://update.renesas.com/SSO/login

ProductsThe 'core' of the designLess

A myriad of sizes and configurations in 8, 16, and 32 bit MCUs and MPUs await your next design. With thousands of devices across multiple MCU and MPU families there is truly something for everyone. Find the next heart of your design with these helpful links:

Quality & ReliabilityQuality and Reliability informationLess

Renesas is continuously focused on ensuring and improving quality and reliability. To achieve this goal, we enforce quality control at design, production, and finished product. Find the product reliability, supply specifications, and related documentation to deliver peace of mind for your design today, tomorrow, long term here: renesas.com/en-us/support/products-common/reliability.html

RenesasInteractiveeLearning for Renesas products and technologyLess

RenesasInteractive In our fast paced world, technology changes daily, and the ability for engineers and designers to keep up is paramount. For this, Renesas brings you RenesasInteractive, a self-paced eLearning environment featuring hundreds of courses on Renesas microcontrollers, tools, solutions, technologies, and more. Using RenesasInteractive allows you access to quick knowledge in an easy to digest manner. www.RenesasInteractive.com

RenesasPresentsOfficial Renesas YouTube channelLess

RenesasPresents Tips, hints, overviews, interviews, high level, or deep dive. RenesasPresents, the official Renesas YouTube channel, features more than 500 videos across the spectrum. Find great info on Renesas MCUs, MPUs, Analog and Power products, and a myriad of technologies and content from our Alliance partners regarding solutions and services that support and enhance the Renesas offering and ecosystem. https://www.youtube.com/user/RenesasPresents

RenesasRulzThe Renesas online community forumsLess

RenesasRulz An online community and gathering place for information exchange and those who use Renesas products and technologies. Engineers, Alliance Partners, and Renesas users across the globe form a community to share ideas, get help, and interact with peers. Also find a wealth of downloadable information available from product and design info to code samples and partner applications. Join the discussion at: www.RenesasRulz.com

RenesasUniversitySupport for tomorrow's EngineersLess

RenesasUniversity Partnering with universities and professionals to develop the RenesasUniversity Program, materials are created, tested and honed in live classroom environments. The RenesasUniversity Program has a customizable dual-path structure, which can be adopted entirely or in part to augment an existing curriculum. A comprehensive suite of resources complete the package, including textbooks, classroom materials, and development boards rounded out with moderated web forums and live support. www.RenesasUniversity.com

RSS FeedsConsume feeds across the Renesas websphereLess

RSS feeds RSS, or Really Simple Syndication is used for distributing and syndicating updated content such as news, page updates, blogs, new materials notices, and more. Subscribing to an RSS feed allows the recipient to be alerted when new content has been posted and/or uploaded, providing users timely timely updates.

You will find the RSS icon in the header, footer, or side margins of many Renesas sites such as RenesasRulz.com and RenesasInteractive.com.

SamplesHave a couple on usLess

Samples A key point in most any design, and with the Renesas sample site you get a faster, easier way to receive product samples for evaluation. A clean and simple interface guides you through hundreds of MCUs, LPSRAM, EEPROMS, and analog components. www.RenesasSamples.com

Social MediaJoin the fun on social media with RenesasLess

social Follow Renesas on Facebook and Twitter for up to date news, information, fun, and interesting topics.
Facebook: RenesasAmerica Twitter: RenesasAmerica

SoftwareCode, drivers, apps, snippets, and moreLess

Software Thousands of code samples wait to help you along the path in your design. Drivers, middleware, peripheral setup, system startup, and other examples are available at our Software Center. Renesas also offers several code generators and sample applications for motor control, audio playback, DSP support, file systems, flash drivers, OS integration, and much more. Use the code search engine to quickly narrow down and find the pieces you need. You can find the Renesas Software Center at: Renesas Software

The EchoMonthly newsletter on Renesas partners and EcosystemLess

The Echo Sharing the thoughts, happenings, and updates of the Renesas Ecosystem and our Alliance partners, The Echo is a periodic newsletter filled with interesting views, technology commentary, helpful information, and thought provoking discussion. You can find the latest issue below and all back issues at the following link: The Echo - Archives