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Introducing Star Products to answer the question, "which microcontroller should I choose?"

Renesas Electronics continues to strive to expand our microcontroller product lineup to meet the vastly varying needs of our customers. On the other hand, we have received requests from some customers who would like us to recommend a product from our lineup, or would like to choose from a selection of the most popular products.

In response to these demands, we have started activities for indicating our most popular microcontroller products.

What is a Star Product?

1. Star Products are selected products from our abundant product lineup which are the most popular (hot)

We will regularly (plan is for once a year) tally up which of our microcontroller products are the most popular, or hottest, and indicate them as recommended products on our website. We call such products "Star Products" because they are currently shining like stars.

Star Products are shown in the list of Star Products posted on this page, as well as indicated by a symbol beside product names and orderable part numbers when you search for products on our site.

2. Swift availability of (paid) samples

Furthermore, we have prepared a system to offer (paid) samples swiftly so that you can perform primary evaluation of products you are considering. Please inquire with a Renesas sales representative or agent.。

Example of the screen when a Star Product is searched