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How to Join

What is the R-Car Consortium?

The R-Car Consortium provides a variety of software components through partner collaboration. Since system integrators join the consortium, we can offer optimal platforms according to customer's requirements, and a series of supports.

How to Join the R-Car Consortium

To join the R-Car Consortium, you need to sign the Participation Agreement for Renesas R-Car Consortium with Renesas Electronics Corporation. Please follow the below procedure to apply for admission.

Before You Apply:

R-Car Consortium Application Procedure:

  • Please download the participation agreement. Japanese  English
  • Please read the agreement carefully.
  • If you accept the agreement, please fill out and send this form. The agreement can be entered in either Japanese or English. Please pick one language only when you fill out the form.
  • We will judge admission decisions after we check contents of your application by email or meeting after a later date.
  • If we judge you can join R-Car Consortium, you will receive a PDF file containing the agreement filled in with the information you provided. Check that the information is correct.
  • We will send 2pcs of contract format after we complete our signature.
  • Please send us a 1pcs of copy after you complete your signature.
  • The secretariat will contact you about your application.

After Joining R-Car Consortium:

  • You will be able to access the R-Car Consortium Member-only Site.

Criteria for Joining

Applicants who meet all of the following conditions will be granted membership in the R-Car Consortium.
The applicant fulfills the conditions for joining the Alliance Partner Program.
The applicant has agreed to the Participation Agreement for Renesas R-Car Consortium.
The applicant belongs to a company or organization that provides or has the possibility of providing a solution or service that uses "R-Car" or a "product for car information systems that is recognized by Renesas".
The company or organization of the applicant is recognized and granted admission by the R-Car Consortium secretariat.