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Renesas Electronics USB devices support USB applications, from computers and digital home appliances to embedded devices.

What is USB?

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is an interface specification that was designed to allow various peripheral devices to be connected via standardized connectors.USB offers many useful and convenient features, such as the ability to connect up to 127 devices simultaneously through the use of branching devices referred to as "hubs," and the support for plug-and-play hot swapping.

USB 3.0, the next-generation USB specification was released in 2008,boosting the maximum transfer rate to 5 Gbps from 480Mbps.USB 3.0 will offer a myriad of possibilities for applications requiring fast and high-capacity communication, while maintaining compatibility with USB 2.0.

USB Specification outline is here .

The application of USB is increasingly expanding in various fields, from personal computers and digital appliances to audio/video equipment and embedded devices and personal healthcare. Renesas Electronics has supported USB technologies with its lineup of USB products.

Efforts by Renesas Electronics to USB Please click here .

USB Comparison Table

USB3.0 Transfer Rate

USB Cable Cross-Section

USB Leading the Way

USB Products Lineup

USB ASSPs Lineup
Host (PCI/PCIe) function
USB 3.0SuperSpeed (5 Gbps)μPD720202 | μPD720201
USB 2.0Hi-Speed (480 Mbps)μPD720102
Embedded Host (Host & Peripheral) function
USB 2.0Hi-Speed (480 Mbps)R8A66597
Peripheral function
USB 3.0SuperSpeed (5 Gbps)μPD720231A
USB 2.0Hi-Speed (480 Mbps)R8A66593
Full-Speed (12 Mbps)M66291
HUB function
USB 3.0SuperSpeed (5 Gbps)μPD720210 | μPD720211
USB 2.0Hi-Speed (480 Mbps)μPD720114 | μPD720115
USB Microcontrollers & Microprocessors Lineup
Embedded Host (Host & Peripheral) function
USB 2.0Hi-Speed (480 Mbps)RX700 | RZ | SuperH
Full-Speed (12 Mbps)RX600 | RX100 | V850 | SuperH |
RL78 | R8C
Peripheral function
USB 2.0Hi-Speed (480 Mbps)RX700 | RZ | SuperH
Full-Speed (12 Mbps)RX600 | RX100 | V850 | SuperH |
RL78 | R8C | M16C | H8SX | H8S