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The SH7769 SoC enhances such functions as video input, display output and high-reliability systems compared to Renesas’ existing SH-Navi3 (SH7776) SoC, which has been widely adopted for high-end automotive infotainment systems.
The SH7769 SoC implements a high-function 3D graphics engine and display units, which allow 1600 x 480-pixel HD (high definition) video decoding. In addition, up to three video data streams can be processed simultaneously to provide a driver with information from external vehicle cameras, navigation systems, and night vision devices at the same time. A function that flattens the distortion of a fish-eye image, and a function that transforms the image data into a given form, are also integrated.

System Block Diagram

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Item SH7769 Specifications
Part name R8A77690JBG
Power-supply voltage 1.275 V (internal), 3.3 V (I/O), 1.5 V (DDR3), 1.8 V (LVDS)
operating frequency
533 MHz
959 MIPS, 3.7 GFLOPS (at 533 MHz)
CPU cores SH-4A core
On-chip RAM ILRAM: 16 Kbytes + OLRAM: 16 Kbytes
Cache memory Divided into 32 Kbytes instruction/32 Kbytes data × 2, 4-way set
associative type, cache coherency support
External memory DR-I/F: DDR3-SDRAM (DDR1067/800) 16-bit bus (Maximum 1067 M word/sec)
Local bus: 32-bit bus (67/50 MHz), Support for direct connection of SRAM or ROM to expansion bus
Expansion bus Address space: 64 Mbytes × 3
Main on-chip
peripheral functions
  • 3D graphics engine SGX530 (OpenGLES2.0)
  • Display unit × 2-system output (RGB888 + LVDS output)
  • LVDS interface (TIA/EIA-644-compliant, 4 pairs)
  • Dynamic range compression function of resolution
  • Video input interface × 2 channels
  • Analog composite video input × 1 channel
  • Display out compare unit × 2 channels
  • Distortion compensation unit (IMR-X) × 1 channel
  • VIN/VDEC coordinated distortion compensation unit (IMR-LSX) × 1 channel
  • SD host interface × 2 channels
  • MMC interface × 1 channel
  • USB 2.0 host (× 2 channels), function (× 1 channel, common channel with the host) interface
  • Dedicated DMAC × 35 channels
  • Controller Area Network (CAN*) interface × 2 channels
  • Media local bus interface × 1 channel
  • Sound interfaces × 3 channels
  • Serial communication interface (SCIF) × 9 channels
  • I 2 C bus interface × 1 channel
  • Serial peripheral interface × 2 channels
  • PWM timer× 4 channels
  • Watchdog timer × 1 channel
  • Timer × 9 channels
  • Interrupt controller (INTC)
  • Clock pulse generator: Integrated PLL
  • On-chip debug function
  • Temperature sensor
Low power
consumption mode
Sleep mode
Module standby (Clock halt in each module)
DDR-SDRAM power supply backup mode
Package 496-pin BGA (21 mm × 21 mm)
E10A-USB on-chip debugging emulator for SH-4A core is available「E10A-USB
Evaluation board A reference platform with the following features is available.
1. Includes peripheral circuits for car information devices, providing a verification environment for the actual user system
2. Can be used as a tool for developing software such as applications
3. Original functions created by the user can be added

*Controller Area Network (CAN) is a vehicle network developed by Robert Bosch GmbH.

*PowerVR, SGX is a trademark or a registered trademark of Imagination Technologies Ltd.
Other names of products or services mentioned here are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.