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R-Car W2R


The R-Car W2R is a system on chip (SoC) for automotive wireless communications that supports 5.9 GHz band vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications compliant with the IEEE-802.11p communications standard for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) used in Europe and North America. Through the use of Renesas' exclusive RF system design technology, the R-Car W2R is the first in the world to succeed in suppressing out-of-band transmission signal noise below the -65 dBm stipulated by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). This makes it possible for products that use the R-Car W2R to achieve the best noise characteristics in the world. This enables high-quality signals with little interference to be transmitted, making it possible to implement vehicle-to-everything (V2X) at a practical level in various kinds of ADAS systems for supporting safe driving.

  • Helps reduce system size by integrating all communication functions, from IEEE-802.11p-compliant RF to physical layer and data link layer, on a single chip
  • Small module reference design optimized for external RF components helps speed up development cycle
  • Exclusive RF system design realizes world's best out-of-band transmission noise characteristics
  • Combo V2X starter kit with R-Car E2 facilitates software development and verification testing

Renesas' V2X system solutions

Small module reference design
optimized for external RF components

V2X starter kit paired with existing
R-Car E2 device is available

Product Specifications

Item R-Car W2R Specifications
Part Number R-Car W2R (R7S720004)
Standard IEEE802.11p
Frequency Band 5.9 GHz
Power Supply Voltage 3.3 V (IO), 1.2 V (Core)
CPU Core
32-bit (operating frequency: 160 MHz)
Built-in Memory 128 KB RAM, 32 KB ROM
Host Interface SDIO
Memory Interface I 2 C
Package 176-pin FPBGA (10 mm x 10 mm)
Operating Temperature Ta = -40 to +85°C (JEDEC JESD 51-9)
Tj = -40 to +125°C