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R-Car D1


As the use of color LCD panels in instrument cluster systems becomes more widespread, gauge control and graphics display are being combined even in smaller and medium size cars. The trend towards "gauge-less" displays is already progressing in high-end cars, where visibility and comfort are desired, and attractive, easy to see displays using 3D graphics on large, high-resolution panels are seen as one aspect of a car's individuality. In the future, display size and resolution are expected to continue increasing, even in the graphics displays used in low- to mid-end cars, along with the use of cluster systems that provide 3D graphics similar to that used in high-end cars.
For these systems to become more mainstream the ability to realize rich reality image display that makes full use of 3D graphics, the ability to display the cluster screen rapidly at the same time as the start-up of accessories, the ability to realize high reliability that can prevent unauthorized access from the outside to the system to continuously convey accurate information of the instruments to the driver, and the ability to enhance the performance of the many electronic equipment units and communications systems used in the car will all be required.
The Renesas R-Car D1 automotive system-on-chips (SoCs) specialized for 3D instrument cluster systems were developed to overcome these issues. The R-Car D1 provides both the functionality and the performance, and since Renesas users can take advantage of the R-Car Consortium ecosystem that consists of over 170 companies, they will be able to develop 3D graphics cluster systems quickly.


  1. 3D graphics cluster systems can be developed easily by cooperating with Renesas partners
  2. Enables rapid startup for instrument cluster systems, provides solutions that support rapid display of meter and gauge screens, and audio output
  3. Driver safety protection and car hacking prevention by the provision of functional safety and security solutions
  4. Supports Ethernet AVB for connection with navigation systems, USB to connect with smart phones, and CAN-FD to connect with automotive infotainment systems. Supports superlative system flexibility and ease of design.
  5. Development assets from the 2D graphics cluster RH850/D1x can be applied
  6. If gauge control is required, system manufacturers can combine the R-Car D1 with the RH850/D1M to implement such systems.

System Block Diagram

R-Car D1


ItemR-Car D1 Specifications
Product No.R-Car D1
Power supply voltage3.3/1.8 V (IO), 1.35 V (DDR3L), 1.0 V (core)
CPU coreArm®Cortex®-A7 Single core *6 *7
Max. Frequency: 660 MHz
Arm® Cortex®-A7 Dual core *6 *7
Max. Frequency:780 MHz
Cache memoryL1 Instruction cache:32KB
L1 data cache:32KB
L2 cache:512KB
External memory
Data bus width: 32bits x 1ch
Max. Frequency: 1066 MHzMax. Frequency: 1333 MHz
External memory expansion
  • NAND flash memory interface
  • Serial flash memory interface
2D GraphicsD/AVE HD 2D render core
Max. Frequency: 260 MHzMax. Frequency: 330 MHz
3D GraphicsImagination Technologies PowerVR® SGX540 core *8
Max. Frequency: 260 MHzMax. Frequency: 330 MHz
  • Video output interface x 2ch (LVTTL)
    Max. Output display size: 4096 x 2048
    RSDS output interface x 1ch (shared with LVTTL) *6
  • LVDS output interface x1ch
  • Video input interface x 2ch (LVTTL)
    Max. Input display size:2048 x 2048
  • MIPI CSI-2 input interface x 1ch
  • Timing controller for LCD panel
  • Video decode processor (H.264/MPEG4-AVC, JPEG)*6
Video output checker
  • Video output checker (VOCA) x 2ch
  • Video output CRC checker (DISCOM) x 4ch
  • Serial sound interface x 2ch
  • PCM-PWM converter
Storage interfaces
  • USB 2.0 Host/Function interface (High-Speed/Full-Speed)
  • Multimedia card interface x 1ch
In car network and
automotive peripherals
  • Media Local Bus (MLB) interface x 1ch (3-pin interface)
  • Controller Area Network (CAN-FD support*6) x 3ch
  • Ethernet AVB 1.0-compatible MAC built in
    Transfer speed: 100Mbps
    Interface: IEEE802.3 standard MII
    Ethernet AVB (802.1BA)
Other peripherals
  • SYS-DMAC x 30ch
  • Watchdog timer (RWDT) x 1ch
  • 16bit timer x 16ch
  • 32bit timer x 17ch
  • I2C bus interface x 2ch
  • Synchronous Serial Interface (MSIOF) x 7ch (SPI/IIS support)
  • Asynchronous High Speed Serial Interface (HSCIF) x 2ch
  • Asynchronous/synchronous Serial Communication Interface (SCIF)x 4ch
Package543-pin FCBGA 1mm pitch (27mm x 27mm)

*1 Arm Cortex-A7 Single core
*2 Arm Cortex-A7 Dual core
*3 RSDS output interface built in
*4 Video decode processor (H.264/MPEG4-AVC、JPEG) built in
*5 Controller Area Network interface (CAN-FD support)
*6 Option function due to a part number
*7 Arm® and Cortex® are registered trademarks of Arm Limited.
*8 PowerVR® is a trademark of Imagination Technologies Limited.

Arm® and Cortex® are registered trademarks of Arm Limited.
PowerVR® is a trademark of Imagination Technologies Limited. 
All names of other products or services mentioned in this press release are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.