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RL78/G1D Evaluation Kit Promotion

RL78/G1D Evaluation Kit Promotion

Increase Battery Life & Accelerate Wireless Development with the RL78/G1D Intelligent Bluetooth® Smart MCU

Special offer—Win a free RL78/G1D Evaluation Kit

Growth in the IoT market has tremendously increased the install base for Bluetooth Low Energy. The RL78/G1D MCUs combine Bluetooth technology with Renesas’ ultra-low power RL78 MCUs to deliver an energy-efficient wireless solution for your connected applications. The RL78/G1D Evaluation Kit allows you to evaluate RL78/G1D from the application angle and also supports new development.

Key features:

  • Bluetooth Smart v4.1 connectivity supported in embedded and modem modes
  • Peak Tx current of 4.3 mA and peak Rx current of 3.5 mA
  • ‘RF Adaptable Technology’ automatically optimizes power consumption versus communication range
  • High integration minimizes BOM cost; Balun, on-chip 32 KHz oscillator


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Conditions to Participate:

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