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µPD720200A is a USB host controller LSI compatible with the USB 3.0 and xHCI (eXtensible Host Controller Interface) specifications. The system bus is compatible with the PCIe Gen2 specification.The controller provides two USB ports with LS (low-Speed) / FS (full-Speed) / HS (high-Speed) / SS (SuperSpeed) support.

µPD720200A is pin-to-pin compatible with µPD720200 and added following features.


  • Realize low power consumption during idle state

µPD720200A realizes 1/5 power consumption comparing with µPD720200 during the system like as PC is working and not connected any USB devices.


  • System I/F: PCIe Gen2 x 1 Lane
  • USB ports: 2 ports (SS/HS/FS/LS)
  • Comply spec to: PCIe 2.0 Base Spec
                               USB3.0 rev1.0 (USB-IF certified: Test ID = 380000013)
                               Intel xHCI rev0.96
  • VDD: 1.05V, 3.3V
  • Clock: 24MHz Xtal or 48MHz clock input
  • Package: 176 pin FPBGA (10x10mm, 0.65mm ball pitch)
  • Ta: 0-85°C
  • Power: 1.0W max (preliminary)


Internal Block Diagram


  • PC
  • ExpressCard
  • Docking Station
  • Server

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