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The ID78K0-QB is an integrated debugger for efficiently debugging user programs developed for 8-bit 78K0 microcontrollers. Use it together with the IECUBE in-circuit emulator or the MINICUBE2 on-chip debugging emulator with programming function.


  • Source debugging can be done with C source programs and assembly language programs.
  • Using the event setting function of the in-circuit emulator, break events can be set.
  • When the execution of the user program has been stopped, the values in the window displayed on the screen are automatically updated.
  • The debugging environment, such as breakpoints and event setting information, the file's download information, and window display status and location, can be saved to a file (project file). The debugging environment can be restored by loading the project file.
  • With TcL/Tk (Tool Command Language), it's possible to perform command line batch processing and hook processing and the user can create their own custom windows.
  • Provides a debug function via the on-chip debugging program (monitor program).