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SA-Designer lets you design actual analog front-end circuits employing Smart Analog products (Note1) and then generates the circuit data as C source code.



  1. Renesas Smart Analog MCU and Smart Analog IC.

Release Information

Latest Ver.: V1.03.00
Released: Apr 16, 2014


Details of upgrade (See Tool News)

Operating Environment



Conventionally, it took time to prepare hardware according to the sourcing and component changes of analog front-end circuits to fit the sensor behavior. That will be unnecessary with the Smart Analog and SA-Designer, which enables circuit design done easily, just with mouse operation on your computer.

Also, not only can it import data from the Online Simulator "Renesas VA" (Note1) which can be used for sensor selection, the software can also complete everything from sensor selection, circuit design, to program development since it can liaise with the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) "CS+" (Note2), "e² studio" (Note3) and "IAR Embedded Workbench" (Note4).



  1. Tool for sensor selection. This cloud-based tool gives you immediate access to functions supporting design and simulation of analog circuits combining Smart Analog and more than 1,000 sensor products without access to the actual devices.
  2. Renesas Integrated Development Environment that can smoothly run the repeat of coding, building, and debugging with a simple GUI.
  3. Renesas Eclipse-based integrated development environment. For users who intend to unify environments for global collaborative development or who want to use the Eclipse environment.
  4. IAR Embedded Workbench provided by IAR Systems.



  • Use the GUI to design and customize circuits in the style of a block diagram.
  • Display a list of the generated circuit data (register values, etc.), save it for later, and restore old data.
  • Import of circuit data created in Renesas VA Online simulator.
  • Generate C source files for use in circuit design. (Note1)
  • Register to CS+, e² studio, and IAR Embedded Workbench project, and run build, download, and debugging in the CS+, e² studio, and IAR Embedded Workbench.
  • Include tutorials.



  1. Source for CS+, IAR Embedded Workbench provided by IAR Systems, and GNU compiler provided by KPIT Technologies Ltd..


Integrated Tools

  • Online simulator for sensor selection
    Renesas VA
  • Emulator
    On-chip debugging emulator E1
    Full-spec emurator IECUBE


System Configuration


  1. Renesas VA Enlarged image
  2. SA-Designer Enlarged image
  3. CS+, e² studio, IAR Embedded Workbench


Processing Flow

  1. Sensor Selection
  2. Circuit Design (Enter configuration information)[Processing of SA-Designer]


3. Save Circuit Data (Can show list and reuse)[Processing of SA-Designer]


4. Output C source file [Processing of SA-Designer]


5. Launch IDE from menu [Processing of SA-Designer]


6. Develop User Program (IDE Interoperation)

7. Run build, and download load module to evaluation board (IDE Interoperation)

8. Run sensor program, and debugging by the emulator (IDE Interoperation)


Optional Products

[Trial kits and boards]

  • Smart Analog IC 101 RSK Option Board TSA-OP-IC101
  • Smart Analog IC Evaluation Board TSA-IC300/301
  • Smart Analog IC Evaluation Board TSA-IC500
  • Smart Analog Stick (RL78/G1E Stick Starter kit) RL78/G1E-STICK
  • CPU board from Renesas QB-R5F10FME-TB


Target Devices

  • Smart Analog IC 100 Series
    RAA730101 (Smart Analog IC101) with 16-bit delta-sigma A/D converter + Built-in PGIA
  • Smart Analog IC 300 Series
    RAA730300 (Smart Analog IC300) with configurable amplifier and low-voltage operation
    RAA730301 (Smart Analog IC301) with instrumentation amplifier and low-voltage operation
  • Smart Analog IC 500 Series
    RAA730500 (Smart Analog IC500) with configurable amplifier
    RAA730501 (Smart Analog IC501) with instrumentation amplifier
    RAA730502 (Smart Analog IC502) with high-speed instrumentation amplifier for motor control
  • Smart Analog MCU (RL78/G1E)
    R5F10FMx (Smart Analog MCU RL78/G1E) with configurable amplifier (80-pin)
    R5F10FLx (Smart Analog MCU RL78/G1E) with configurable amplifier (64-pin)


Target Devices

Family Group
RL78 Family

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