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Embedded GUI and Communications Solution Kit YLCDRX63NE

The Embedded GUI and Communications Solution kit (YLCDRX63NE) provides a quick and easy way to add a low-cost LCD touchscreen and communication functions to embedded designs. With the tremendous growth of LCD touchscreens in smart phones and tablets, it is only natural for other markets like industrial, medical and appliances to migrate towards similar interfaces. The hardware is based on RX Direct Drive LCD (DDLCD) technology providing the performance required to handle the GUI as well as other functions at the same time. Multiple GUI software development options are available to jumpstart your development effort.

The Embedded GUI and Communications Solution Kit is a combination of the Embedded GUI Solution Kit (YLCDRX63N) and the matching communications add-on board YDBENETPMOD. The YLCDRX63N is available as a stand-alone item while the YDBENETPMOD board is only available as part of the Embedded GUI and Communications Solution kit.


Package Content (Part Number YLCDRX63NE)


  • 768KB Flash and 128KB RAM
  • 4.3" WQVGA (480x272) color TFT-LCD touch screen display
  • 16MB SDRAM, 16MB serial flash and 2K bit EEPROM
  • USB Host and Device connectivity
  • Communication board including Ethernet, CAN, RS485, serial
  • 2 PMOD connectors
  • JTAG debugger with USB Cable



Documentation for Embedded GUI and Communications Solution Kit

Downloads for Embedded GUI and Communications Solution Kit

'Demo of Everything' (After clicking the link, look for Renesas RX63N, µC/OS-III, and SIM225 / YLCDRX63N to locate the project)The ‘Demo of Everything’ features multiple Micrium software components running on one Renesas RX63N hardware platform. Included modules: μC/OS-III, µC/GUI, µC/USB-Device, µC/USB-Host, µC/CAN, µC/FS, µC/TCP-IP, µC/DHCPc, µC/HTTPs, and more.


Serious Integrated (SHIPTide and SHIPEngine)Serious Integrated’s ShipTide enables rapid GUI development where new GUIs can be created within days versus months. The ShipEngine provides an embedded runtime GUI engine that runs on the Embedded GUI Solution kit platform.





Micrium has consistently held the leadership position in embedded software components. The company’s flagship µC/OS family is recognized for a variety of features and benefits including unparalleled reliability, performance, dependability, impeccable source code, and extensive documentation. In addition, some Micrium components contain certifications that meet the rigorous safety-critical standards demanded by industries that include medical electronics, avionics, and industrial products.


Serious Integrated

Serious Integrated provides cost-effective, production-ready, directly embeddable graphics/touch front panel modules supported by a comprehensive integrated development environment. Designed for easy integration by OEM design teams and custom electronics design shops, Serious Integrated modules are complete, intelligent graphic/touch front panel modules. Why spend months designing your own? Use a Serious Integrated Module and get to prototypes in hours, and production in record time. Get to market faster while saving money and avoiding supply-chain nightmares.



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