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M66592FP (USB ASSP) Utility Board M3A-0038G01

Note: M66592FP is mounted on M3A-0038G01.


Utility boards equipped with the hardware needed USB commuications including M66592FP and controlled D+/D- line impedance matching. Features two built-in PCB connectors (25-pin x 2-line) for a MCU board and split bus connections. These connectors are upward compatible with the M3A-0032 and M3A-0037G01 are easily connectable to systems developed for the M66291 or the M66591. Also equipped with 24MHz quartz-crystal oscillator, USB connector, test pin, bus mode selection switch and interface power supply change jumper switch.



  • Board size: 70 mm X 80 mm
  • Supply power VDD (1.5 V), VIF (3.3 V or 1.8 V)
  • Oscillation Frequency: f(XIN) = 24 MHz
  • Interface: 50-pin Connector X 2
  • possible to select separate bus mode or multiplex bus mode for M66592FP.


For details, Please refer to the following.
- Instruction Manual (PDF: 270 KB)


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