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RZ Family Features

1、Connectivity&HMI Solutions for Smart Society
2、Make Use of ARM Core's Ecosystem and High Performance

Optimal solutions for the human machine interface field that fuse Renesas' experience in the microprocessor business and the global ecosystem of ARM partners are offered to users. This contributes to shortened prototype development time and a great reduction in development costs. Renesa partners sell development tools, OS, middleware, boards, and other products.


The ARM ecosystem

A collection of OS, compiler, and debugger developers, solution providers, and other businesses centered around the same CPU architecture.

The term ecosystem is borrowed from the biological ecosystem, which is a system formed by the interaction of a community of living organisms with their environment.

The following are examples of activities that aim at offering optimal solutions to customers and making use of the ARM ecosystem.


For more information, please see http://www.aps-web.jp/ecosystem/


3、ARM cores have global leading integration capabilities