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RX Family Software & Tools

Similarly to Renesas' other products, the RX Family is based on Renesas' integrated development environment called High-performance Embedded Workshop, and enables development with the usability similar to that of the existing products.


Code and App Notes

RTOS and Middleware

Development Environment for RX Family



e² studio and CS+, our integrated development environments, are easy to use, scalable to match your development needs, have a proven track record, and fully support the RX family. They enable you to handle everything from coding and building to evaluation and verification.

They provide the necessary environment for all stages of the RX application development process and are backed by comprehensive support services, enabling customers to develop new systems in less time.


- A free evaluation version is also available for the building tools and the flash programming software.

- The simulator is included in the compiler package.

- The tool lineup differs depending on the product group of the RX family.


〈RX Family Development Tool Lineup〉

Series Software Tools Real-time OS Emulators Programming Tools Programming Software
C/C++ Compiler Package for RX Family CS+(Note1), e² studio(Note2) RI600V4 RI600PX (Note3) E2 emulator Lite E1 emulator
E20 emulator (Note4) PG-FP5 (Note5)

E2 emulator Lite,

E1 emulator,

E20 emulator (Note6)

Renesas Flash Programmer
RX100 -
RX700 -

✔: Supported, △: Some Support, -: Not Supported



  1. This includes the CS+ integrated development environment itself, a simulator, etc.
  2. The package does not actually include an IDE, simulator, or emulator debugger. However, it can be used with the e² studio IDE if you install it separately.
  3. This only applies to devices with an MPU (memory protection unit).
  4. △: Supported debugging functionality is only equivalent to that of the E1. ✔: Full functionality is supported.
  5. This is in the case of use with a programming GUI (provided free of charge).
  6. These are in the case of use with the Renesas Flash Programmer programming software (a free evaluation version is available).


※ Refer to the annex table regarding the High-performance Embedded Workshop IDE and further tools other than those mentioned above.


RX Family Development Tool Lineup(Annex Table)

Family Series Software Tools Real-time OS Emulators Programming Software
C/C++ Compiler Package for RX Family V1
High-performance Embedded Workshop(Note2)
RI600/4 RI600/PX(Note3) E100 Flash Development Toolkit(Note4)
RX RX100 - - - - -
RX200(Note1) - -
RX600(Note1) ✔(RX610 only)
RX700 - - - - -

✔: Supported, -: Not Supported



  1. Products other than those with the RXv2 core (e.g. the RX23T and RX64M groups).
  2. Including the High-performance Embedded Workshop integrated development environment, a simulator, and other items.
  3. Only for those devices with an MPU (memory protection unit).
  4. Handles programming by the E1 or E20 emulator, through a serial (RS-232C) port, or over the USB.


Integrated Development Environment

Integrated development environments—powerful and comprehensive support for developing embedded systems


Renesas integrated development environments provide powerful support for developing applications to run on devices of the RX family.



[e² studio]


This product is suitable for the users who are conversant with the Eclipse environment and for those who want an environment for collaborative development with other users of the e² studio, including those at distant locations. Since this product works with compilers, code generators,simulators, and emulators for Renesas microcontrollers, you can use it for coding, building, and debugging for our devices, as well as using the general plug-in features that have evolved with the open-source Eclipse IDE.




This product brings together in a single package all the basic software tools needed for software development, from coding through building and debugging. There is also a feature that displays information on variables, functions, etc., in an easy-to-understand format. A full selection of tutorials is available, allowing even beginners to get started using this integrated development environment right away.


[Note] CS+ is not generally promoted in the U.S. and Europe. For customers in the U.S. and Europe who are interested in CS+, please contact our regional marketing departments for details.



<Transition guide>
For customers making the switch from the High-performance Embedded Workshop to CS+, we provide a transition guide covering differences in functionality and operations between the High-performance Embedded Workshop and CS+, and procedures for the transition. CS+ is an all-in-one package designed as an easy-to-use integrated development environment with a GUI-based interface and extensive pop-up menus. Nevertheless, its operation may seem unfamiliar to users accustomed to the High-performance Embedded Workshop so such users may have difficulty locating the functions they need. The transition guide is designed to help users avoid such inconveniences as far as is possible.
Integrated Development Environment for RX Family - Migration to CubeSuite+ (Build)
Integrated Development Environment for RX Family - Migration to CubeSuite+ (Emulator)

[Note] We do not plan to make the High-performance Embedded Workshop compatible with the RX700 Series, the RX64M Group and the RX100 Series. The High-performance Embedded Workshop only supports the RX210, RX220 and RX21A Groups of the RX200 Series.



Starter Kits

Ready-to-Use Starter Kits


Want to get started evaluating RX Family products right away? Renesas Starter Kits are just what you are looking for. They contain all the development environment elements needed for MCU evaluation and initial implementation. Since all of the MCU's control signals are output, the board can be connected to the system under development for easy debugging.


[ Components of Renesas Starter Kit for RX ]


  • CPU board
  • On-chip debugging emulator E1
  • Evaluation version of C/C++ Compiler Package for RX Family (incl. Simulator)
  • Evaluation version of the flash programmer software
  • Integrated Development Environment (differs depending on the package)




C/C++ Compiler for RX Family

[IDE supported] e² studio, CS+, High-performance Embedded Workshop

  • Learn more about this product
  • Download free evaluation version
    • Package includes compiler, assembler, optimizing linker, cycle accurate simulator, and stack analysis tool
    • Conformance with ANSI C89 and C99 standards (except for variable-length arrays)
    • Easy porting of program code for earlier MCUs (setting option to assimilate language specifications, checking/notification of specific extended specifications, endian switching)




[IDE supported] For e² studio, CS+, High-performance Embedded Workshop

  • Support for debugging similar to actual system even without target board
  • Cycle accurate simulator for high-precision debugging


[For e² studio]
The Renesas RX simulator is included and installed with e² studio.


[For CS+, High-performance Embedded Workshop]
The Renesas RX simulator is Included in Compiler Package with IDE.
Learn more about this product (for CS+ | for High-performance Embedded Workshop).



Real-time OS

Real-time OS for RX Family


  • Conformance with industry-standard µITRON4.0 specification (RI600PX includes memory protection functionality)
  • Compact design suitable for implementation in ROM
  • Automatic selection of only required modules during linking for a more lightweight system
  • GUI configurator to facilitate building the kernel
  • Interoperates with e² studio * and CS+ to support automatic setting of options required to build the OS and display of the state of objects managed by the OS such as masks and semaphores.


* Renesas real-time OS supported by e² studio is only for RI600V4.



RX Family Real-time OS Lineup



  • RI600PX
    [IDE supported] CS+
    A real-time operating system for the RX600 Series, RX200 Series conforming to the µITRON4.0/PX-specification for Protect Function Extension.
  • Learn more about this product


  • Partner OS Aware Debugging Plug-in
    [IDE supported] e² studio,CS+
    e² studio and CS+ supports each Partner OS Application's task level debugging.



[Note] RI600V4, RI600PX, RI600/4 and RI600/PX real-time OSes are not generally promoted in the U.S. and Europe. For customers in the U.S. and Europe who are interested in these products, please contact our regional marketing departments for details.




Middleware and Software Library for RX


  • Extensive lineup for RX applications including display, file system, network, audio and security functions
  • Flexible support for RX Family products with common interface settings
  • Sample program code included. Highly efficient design enabling rapid progress to the finished product


* The library can be used with both CS+ and High-performance Embedded Workshop, but the sample program included in the library is compatible with High-performance Embedded Workshop only.

* The target devices, IDE support and development status of Middleware differ depending on the products.
Click on each product from the following RX Middleware Lineup List for details.


[ RX Middleware Lineup ]

Signal Processing / Numerical Libraries



Trusted Secure IP Driver


  • MP3 decoder 1



File Systems

Memory Drivers

  • MultiMedia Card driver
  • Serial EEPROM driver
  • Data flash driver 2
  • Serial flash driver
  • Renesas SPI Serial EEPROM Driver
  • Renesas I2C Serial EEPROM Driver 3
  • I2C Single Master Driver 3


  1. Under development or planning
  2. Under consideration for RX100 Series
  3. The Application Notes and Sample Code for the RX111 can be downloaded from HERE.


[ Application Notes and Sample Code ]
Free download sample code for RX


Renesas provides sample programs with documentation describing how to use microcontroller peripheral functions as well as system examples.

  • A large number of sample code packages for RX are available online for you to download.
  • Most sample programs include source code and register definition files are also available in the source program.
  • This code can significantly contribute to shortening the time to market for product development.

The sample code has been written to make development quick and easy and can be downloaded for use from HERE.



Coding Assistance

Code Generator Plug-in
[IDE supported] e² studio, CS+
*: Some RX200 and RX600 Series MCUs are supported by Peripheral Driver Generator (a free tool), which operates independently of the integrated development environment.


  • Simple operation of all processes through an easy-to-understand GUI
  • Handles checking for cases where multiple peripheral modules are contending for the same pins
  • An API provides functions to make the peripheral functions operate.
  • Since this tool is included in the CS+ and e² studio integrated development environments from Renesas, all processes from editing and building code to debugging can be smoothly executed from the same integrated environment.
  • The Firmware Integration Technology (FIT) configurator of the e² studio can be used at the same time as code generator plug-ins.
    Target Device Groups: RX110, RX111, RX113, RX64M, RX71M

    Please refer to this page if you wish to use the combination of FIT and code generator plug-ins for other RX family devices, or to use FIT with code generator plug-ins in CS+.





All emulator products include the integrated development environment and an emulator-debugger that runs under it.


[ E2 emulator Lite, E1 and E20 On-Chip Debugging Emulators ]
[IDE supported] e² studio, CS+, High-performance Embedded Workshop


  • Easy connection. Allows debugging of an RX MCU while mounted on the system board.
  • Powered by USB bus. No dedicated power supply needed.
  • Also functions as a flash programmer.
  • Environmentally friendly: All materials in components and packages are RoHS compliant.
  • On the RX64M or RX71M Group, a coverage function is also provided when used in combination with the E20 emulator.
  • In the E20 emulator, debugging without the need for dedicated user pins can be accomplished using the debug MCU board, sold separately. *1

*1. The support availability differs on the MCU type.


E2 emulator Lite

Compatible with E1 emulator and more economical price. Suitable for the whole range from professional development to hobbyist projects and education.


E20 Emulator


More fully featured than the E1. Enables more advanced debugging with more powerful trace functions, real-time RAM monitoring, and more. (For RX600 or RX700 Series)


E1 Emulator


Basic debugging functions at an affordable price. Also provides on-chip trace function.


[ Graphical display of function information and variable information. CS+ analysis graph function ]


With the E1 and E20 emulators, CS+ is able to display virtual oscilloscopes on the monitor that show the changing values of variables as a program runs. This allows you to monitor changes in analog signals, as is required for sensor and similar applications, during program development. Times taken to run functions, proportions of the overall execution time, and call graphs can also be used to identify high-load processes and provide an efficient way to boost the performance of the system as a whole.



[ E20 Debug MCU Board for Debugging that Leaves User Pins Free ]


With an on-chip debugger, some user pins must be used for connections to the debugger. A debug MCU board, in contrast, leaves all the user pins free while enabling the full functionality of the E20. There are also high-capacity trace and real-time RAM monitoring functions that work even with MCUs that have no trace signals.




Flash Programming Tools

On-board Programming Software
Renesas Flash Programmer

  • Learn more about this product
  • Download free evaluation version
    • PC-controlled programming via the E2 emulator Lite, E1 emulator, E20 emulator, a serial or USB connection
    • Easier creation of projects (compared with V2)
    • Ability to cooperate with other software by Batch processing
    • Programming a unique code to a designated area of flash memory


Flash programmer






Third-Party Partner Solutions

Third-party tool vendors are also introducing a succession of compilers, emulators, programmers, and other products for the RX Family. This range of products meets a wide variety of requirements.



1. Under development