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Product Specifications of the µPD720200A USB 3.0 Host Controller

  • Based upon Universal Serial Bus 3.0 Specification Revision 1.0, which is released by USB-IF
  • Based upon Intel's eXtensible Host Controller Interface (xHCI) Specification Revision 0.96
  • Based upon PCI Express® Base Specification 2.0, which is released by PCI SIG
  • Supports two USB downstream ports for all speeds
  • Supports USB legacy function
  • Operational registers are direct-mapped to PCI memory space
  • Supports external Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) type FLASH PROM
  • Supports low-power consumption (approx. 50mW when devices are disconnected)
  • System clock: 24 MHz crystal or 48 MHz external clock
  • 3.3 V and 1.05 V power supply
  • Package: 176-pin plastic FBGA (10 × 10 mm, 0.65 mm ball pitch)
  • Supports PCI Express®-related expansion card specifications
    • ExpressCard® Standard Release1.0
    • PCI Express Card Electromechanical Specification Revision 2.0
    • PCI Bus Power Management Interface Specification Revision 1.2
  • Supports all USB-compliant data transfer types
    • Control / Bulk / Interrupt / Isochronous transfer
  • Supports all speed data rates
    • Low-speed (1.5 Mbps) / Full-speed (12 Mbps) / High-speed (480 Mbps) / Super-speed (5 Gbps)

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