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2013 Articles

Date Title Source
18 Dec 2013 Chips help OEMs prevent attacks, protect data Automotive Engineering International
16 Dec 2013 Two Interesting Processors: Renesas CPU with Graphics Electronic Products
12 Dec 2013 Wireless Connectivity Comes with Major Security Threats Automotive Engineering International
10 Dec 2013 RX111-based Starter Kit Targets Energy-Efficient Designs EDN
6 Dec 2013 Renesas RX Gains Safety-Certified Toolset EDN
26 Nov 2013 Functional Safety Software Provides Diagnostics for Renesas 32-Bit RX631 and RX63N MCUs EDN
19 Nov 2013 Enhanced 32-Bit Core Targets Embedded Signal-Processing Applications EDN
30 Oct 2013 Securing MCU Designs Digi-Key
29 Oct 2013 Low-Power RL78/L1C LCD Microcontrollers Medical Design Technology
16 Oct 2013 MCUs Bring Ultra-Low Power to 32-Bit IoT Apps Electronic Design
14 Oct 2013 Discrete MOSFETs meet the demanding requirements of 2-way radios ECN
8 Oct 2013 Mobile IC Vendors to Alter Automotive SoC Market EE Times
1 Oct 2013 Renesas SoC Doubles Graphics Performance over Previous Generation EDN
24 Sep 2013 User Interfaces Becoming Big Differentiators Automotive Engineering International
25 Sep 2013 Low-Power MCUs Target Environmental Sensors, Mobile Healthcare Electronic Design
17 Sep 2013 Compact 16-bit MCUs ease Development of A Systems EDN
9 Sep 2013 Low-Power Numbers Can be Deceiving Design News (Contributed Article by Semir Haddad)
23 Aug 2013 Get Your Prescription For Personal Medical Electronics Electronic Design
20 Aug 2013 Slideshow: The most-popular MCUs ever EDN
07 Aug 2013 What is the "next big thing" in Near Field Communications? ECN
22 Jul 2013 Protyping Software: What Do You Do? EE Times
11 Jul 2013 Considering the User in Device Design Medical Design Technology
09 Jul 2013 Wireless medical device interface and security Electronic Products
13 Jun 2013 What feature or trend will become hot technology in automotive infotainment the next year? ECN
08 Jun 2013 SID 2013 – NLT Reveals a Range of Commercial and Professional LCD Panels Display-Central
04 Jun 2013 Working security in the Internet of Things EDN
29 May 2013 USB 2.0 hub controller chip provides battery charging EDN
29 May 2013 imec and Renesas: Improving ULP radio power efficiency EDN
23 May 2013 Power transistor tags to drop 1 percent Supply Chain HQ
14 May 2013 Renesas launches new version of e2studio IDE Embedded.com
09 May 2013 M2M and the Connected Car Race Connected World Magazine
07 May 2013 Renesas Microcontroller Racing - Design West 2013 Engineering TV
30 Apr 2013 Micros - Design West 2013 Electronic Design / Engineering TV
30 Apr 2013 DesignWest 2013 Image Gallery: Renesas Cars Electronic Design
30 Apr 2013 Renesas unveils their latest low-power microcontrollers at Design West 2013 Power Systems Design
30 Apr 2013 DesignWest 2013 Image Gallery: Renesas Cars EE Times
26 Apr 2013 Very low power 32-bit MCU has USB Electronic Products
25 Apr 2013 Renesas at DESIGN West 2013 EDN
24 Apr 2013 DESIGN West panel scopes out future of IoT EE Times
23 Apr 2013 DESIGN West: Renesas rolls 'crossover' 32-bit MCUs EE Times
23 Apr 2013 Multicore TimeMachine trace tools move to MIPS and Renesas microcontrollers EDN
23 Apr 2013 Renesas & Future demonstrate their energy-harvesting technology at Design West 2013 Power Systems Design
17 Apr 2013 Microcontrollers with ultra low power and USB target emerging mobile healthcare, smart home and Internet-of-Things EDN
11 Apr 2013 Renesas displays their latest miniPOL devices at APEC 2013 Power Systems Design
29 Mar 2013 Scalable 3-Phase AC Motor Drive Platform from Renesas - APEC 2013 Engineering TV (Video)
28 Mar 2013 Renesas RAA20770X Series Mini-POL Converter - APEC 2013 Engineering TV (Video)
26 Mar 2013 Renesas SoC targets high-end automotive nav and infotainment Embedded.com
26 Mar 2013 Renesas drives eight-core 'big-little' into automotive EE Times
22 Mar 2013 What home energy technology will breakthrough in the next 12 months?

ECN (Contributed Commentary with Tim Dry)

18 Mar 2013 Renesas Launches Low-Power Microcontroller Line

Design News

15 Mar 2013 Latest configurable Analog Front End (AFE) simplifies interfacing to hundreds of sensors Embedded Computing Design
13 Mar 2013 Automotive Communication Protocols: Preparing for the Future

EE Catalog (Contributed Article by Gary Miller)

13 Mar 2013 Renesas leads OE automotive semiconductor market Solid State Technology
13 Mar 2013

What’s The Difference Between USB 2.0 And 3.0 Hubs?

Electronic Design (Contributed Article by Dave Johnson)

12 Mar 2013

Latest configurable Analog Front End (AFE) simplifies interfacing to hundreds of sensors

Embedded Computing Design (Contributed Article by Wil Florentino)

11 Mar 2013 OE automotive semiconductor market grew 12% in 2012

Solid State Technology

05 Mar 2013 Renesas, Elektrobit team on infotainment

EE Times

06 Feb 2013 Sneak preview of APEC 2013 Electronic Products
25 Jan 2013 Li-ion charge controller supports large-current Electronic Products
24 Jan 2013 Power MOSFETs feature low on-state resistance EDN
16 Jan 2013 Hands-on Review of the Renesas RL78/G13 Demonstration Kit Digi-Key