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2011 Articles

Date Title Source
21 Dec 2011 Renesas Electronics Corp. launches 40nm MONOS embedded flash IP for real-time automotive applications John Day Automotive Electronics
20 Dec 2011 Triac Delivers Motor Drive For Household Appliances Electronic Design
02 Dec 2012 Controller Supports USB Charging Electronic Design
29 Nov 2011 Automotive News 2011 All-Stars (Yasushi Akao, President, Renesas Electronics Corp.) Automotive News
18 Nov 2011 How to Protect Your Supply Chain (article begins on pg. 14) Vision Magazine
15 Nov 2011 Renesas - Video Interview from ESC Chicago 2011 ESC Chicago Youtube Channel
09 Nov 2011 Renesas' Bobby Wong highlights an authentication technology for medical devices Medical Design Technology YouTube Channel
01 Nov 2011 3-Phase Motor Control: Renesas' Floating Point RX MCU Series Advantage Over Fixed Point Digi-Key TechZone
14 Oct 2011 Lessons from Japan resonate with Loma Prieta anniversary Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal
05 Oct 2011 Renesas Recounts Japan Earthquake Recovery DesignNews
03 Oct 2011 Renesas' speedy recovery from quake is "miraculous" Electronic Products and Technology
02 Oct 2011 Renesas: A three-horn dilemma with a three-prong solution EE Times
22 Sep 2011 Automotive system-on-chip Automotive Engineering Online
22 Sep 2011 Renesas passes USB-IF certification, again VR-Zone
19 Sep 2011 SoC Breakthrough Quenches The Thirst For USB Speed Electronic Design
19 Sep 2011 Renesas details earthquake recovery efforts Automotive Engineering International (AEI)
12 Sep 2011 Community, professionalism and kizuna: How engineers rescued Renesas after quake EE Times
02 Sep 2011 CEO Blog: Balancing the Supply Chain After a Disaster: There is No Risk-Free Position CNBC
01 Sep 2011 Renesas factory recovers from huge March earthquake Electronic Products
29 Aug 2011 Renesas Reboots The Detroit Bureau
24 Aug 2011 Mahoney Says Renesas's Quake Recovery 'Remarkable' Story
(Also featured in the Washington Post)
24 Aug 2011 How A Semi-Conductor Plant Rebooted After The Japanese Earthquake And Saved Car Manufacturers Everywhere Fast Company
22 Aug 2011 Renesas building unity out of disaster EE Times
22 Aug 2011 How Japanese Chipmaker Renesas Recovered From the Earthquake IEEE Spectrum
08 Aug 2011 The Tinker's Toolbox - Nelson Quintana of Renesas on Low-Power Microcontrollers ECN Magazine
08 Aug 2011 Renesas offers glucose meter demo kit EE Times
03 Aug 2011 Post quake: 'The finest hour' of Renesas and the industry EE Times
03 Aug 2011 Image gallery: Recovering Renesas' Naka fab EE Times
01 Aug 2011 Renesas: Rebuilt and revitalized electroIQ
01 Aug 2011 Microcontrollers with real-time advantages Hearst Electronics Products
01 Aug 2011 The chips were down; Renesas responded - Recovery is months ahead of schedule Automotive News
27 Jul 2011 Consistent Peripheral Implementation Can Key Designers' MCU Choices Digi-Key TechZone
26 Jul 2011 Motion Controls Move Vehicles In A New Direction Electronic Design
22 Jul 2011 Renesas Recovery Post Japan Earthquake/Tsunami GLG Reseach
20 Jul 2011 Remote Controls Go Wireless RF ECN
19 Jul 2011 A Solution to the 450mm Equipment Problem EBN
19 Jul 2011 Recovery in Japan's Supply Chain - Audio (Renesas discussion at minutes 12:10 to 15:08), Transcript (Renesas discussion at 13:18:47 to 13:21:42) The Kojo Nnamdi Show
19 Jul 2011 Near-field communications has far-reaching effects EE Times
18 Jul 2011 Omedeto, Renesas! Congratulations! Semico Spin
15 Jul 2011 Renesas - A Tale of Recovery Strategy Analytics
08 Jul 2011 Minimize CPU Usage with Hardware-Assisted Touch Key Solutions (article begins on pg. 22) Digi-Key TechZone Magazine
07 Jul 2011 MCUs Ready For Next-Gen 8-/16-bit Apps Electronic Design
04 Jul 2011 Meters evolve to bring the smart grid home EE Times
24 Jun 2011 Renesas RL78 Microcontroller Officially Released Softpedia
24 Jun 2011 Renesas RL78 MCUs integrate advanced timer modules EE Times
21 Jun 2011 Renesas RL78 Wireless Sensors Systems Engineering TV
09 Jun 2011 Developments in automotive infotainment connectivity EE Times
02 Jun 2011 High-Definition Displays for Radiology at NEC Engineering TV
01 Jun 2011 NEC Reveals Switchable 2D/3D using Fixed Lenticular Lens Display Daily
01 Jun 2011 Talkin' Displays in the City of Angels ECN
19 May 2011 Renesas Promotion Board for RL78/G13 MCU Engineering TV
18 May 2011 Embedded Demos and Apps from Renesas Engineering TV
18 May 2011 New Developments at Renesas Engineering TV
17 May 2011 Notes from the show floor: Magic Rocks, digital snowboards, and one very bright light Information Display SID 2011
13 May 2011 Titus on Embedded ESC 2011 Update ECN
04 May 2011 Two myths: "there is a Santa Claus"; and "ESC is only about software and tools" EE Times
04 May 2011 Capacitive Touch MCUs Boost Channel Count Electronic Design
03 May 2011 Auto Manufacturers' Drive to Simplify Design News
03 May 2011 ESC Livestream, Brian Fuller intrerviews Ritesh Tyagi of Renesas Electronics America EE Times Live Coverage of ESC
30 Mar 2011 CTIA 2011: Renesas and the NFC-integrated chip Mobile Payments Today
30 Mar 2011 DC Chopper control vs. Phase Angle control for appliance and power Tool Applications--Who wins? EE Times
10 Mar 2011 Automotive Semiconductor Market Grew by 37 per cent in 2010 EE Times
20 Feb 2011 Integrated SoCs target mid-range automotive infotainment systems ECN
18 Feb 2011 Complex SoC targets auto infotainment Electronic Products
17 Feb 2011 Renesas unveils SoCs for car nav systems EE Times
16 Feb 2011 Renesas Aims to Boost Car-Navigation Chip Market Share Bloomberg
21 Jan 2011 Renesas releases DRAM for large-capacity networks EE Times
21 Jan 2011 Latest 32-bit RISC architecture for automotive expands functionality EE Times
21 Jan 2011 Renesas consolidates fab EE Times