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About Renesas Electronics

Q1 When was Renesas Electronics established?

Q2 Where is the company's headquarters located?

Q3 What kind of company is Renesas Electronics? What are its strengths?

Q4 How many group companies are there?


Q1 Where is Renesas Electronics listed?

Q2 What is the securities code for Renesas Electronics' shares?

Q3 Which securities analysts cover Renesas Electronics?

Q4 When is your next annual shareholders' meeting?

Q5 What is Renesas Electronics' policy regarding payment of dividends?

Financial Information

Q1 When does Renesas Electronics announce its financial results?

Q2 What resources are available for those interested in past earnings reports and other financial data from Renesas Electronics?

Q3 Where can graphs of Renesas Electronics' operating results be found?

Renesas' Largest Shareholder

Q1 Is the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ) the Renesas' parent company?

Q2 Is there a possibility that the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ) let Renesas' shares go right after its capital injection?

Investor Relations

Q1 How does one request IR materials on Renesas Electronics?

Q2 Where should IR-related inquires be directed?