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Smart Home Summit 2017

Renesas Smart Fridge Demo with High-Performance RZ/G1 MPUs

Our Smart Fridge demo shows embedded vision implemented in a real home appliance via convolutional neural networks running on the dual-core Arm® Cortex-A15 Renesas RZ/G1 MPU with NEON acceleration. The fridge performs two separate vision algorithms – one for user identification using the front-camera and the other for fridge content identification using the internal camera.

Renesas RZ/G1 Series microprocessors (MPUs) give you the fast path to implement computer vision in your embedded industrial, medical, and consumer applications.

  • Rich 3D graphics and high-performance video codecs for engaging GUIs
  • Improved safety, security, and intelligence through real-time face and object identification
  • Advanced human-machine interaction via systems that understand their environment

For more information, please watch our video below.

Learn How Systems Use Embedded Vision to Make Intelligent Decisions

RZ/G1 MPUs enable rapid development of game-changing Linux, Android, and QNX-based embedded systems. Designed for use in industrial, office, home appliance, and medical equipment, the RZ/G1 Series extends the capabilities of the successful RZ/A Series MPUs to deliver high-end performance in applications such as graphics, multi-stream video, EtherCAT master, and Embedded Vision.

Download the “Embedded Vision 101 – Putting Eyes on Machines” eBook

eBook covers:

  • What is Embedded Vision?
  • Motion and feature detection
  • Feature identification
  • How artificial neural networks work
  • Outlook for Embedded Vision in commercial products

Renesas Home Automation Solutions

Renesas has a large portfolio of MCU and MPU products to enable your home automation ideas to take shape. Check out our entire suite of home automation solutions today!