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Internet of Things World 2018

At Internet of Things World 2018, we showcased our end-to-end solutions that enable IoT system developers to quickly take their smart solutions from prototype to market for applications such as healthcare, smart home, and industrial automation.

We demonstrated several low-power and high-performance connected solutions based on the Renesas Synergy™ Platform, RZ/G Group of MPUs, RZ/N1 Group of MPUs, and analog and power products.

Learn more about our demonstrations below.

Cloud Connectivity

Protect IoT Systems and Enable Life Cycle Management

The Renesas Synergy™ Enterprise Cloud Toolbox, together with the Synergy AE-CLOUD1 Kit, provides a reference design and starting point to connect in 10 minutes or less to enterprise clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

Enterprise Cloud Toolbox Application Project ›


Wi-Fi Swap-till-You-Drop Wireless Framework Demo – Renesas Synergy PE-HMI Board

Renesas makes it effortless to compare various wireless connectivity options on the Synergy Platform with the Wi-Fi Swap demo and application project.

In this all-in-one collection, we demonstrated how to:

  • Use the PE-HMI1 board to swap up to five different RF Pmods™
  • Choose a Wi-Fi module/chipset from wireless industry leaders such as Qualcomm, Realtek, Espressif, Redpine and more!
  • Connect to the cloud on an easy-to-use development and evaluation platform
  • Accelerate time to market for IoT applications
  • Gain flexibility to evaluate existing Wireless Partner Projects
  • Access the Synergy Software Package (SSP) Wireless Framework
  • Utilize software driver stacks included in the project

Solutions Gallery for Partner Projects ›
PE-HMI Product Example Board ›

“HeyYou!” – Renesas and Medium One Intelligent Cloud Connected Kiosk

The Intelligent Cloud Connected Kiosk demonstrated the use of AI and analytics to create customized user experiences. An embedded AI solution running on the Renesas RZ/G MPU allows developers to capture and present demographic targeted content based on facial recognition, estimated user age, and gender information.

The demo showed:

  • The Intelligent Kiosk identify user age/gender demographics with Facial ID technology
  • Content served up on "HeyYou!" Intelligent Kiosk based on your demographics
  • A user statistical dashboard on the cloud over a browser


In-Transit Medication Management Solution

ITMM solution allows data logger manufacturers to achieve quick time to market. Key features include:

  • Multiple sensors track temperature, humidity, GPS location, tampering, shock and pressure
  • Onboard display of parameters in both human-readable and barcode format
  • Advanced data logging capability which enables the supply chain to be compatible with Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA)

ITMM Information Sheet ›
In-Transit Medication Management ›


Personal Medical Adherence Solution

Renesas has developed two solutions to address the issue of medication non-adherence. Key features include:

  • Verify, remind, log and report medicine usage
  • Track medicine environmental exposure
  • Mobile access via iOS and Android apps
  • Capability for Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity along with cloud platform integration

PMA Information Sheet ›
Personal Medication Adherence ›


Industrial IoT

Renesas RZ/N1 Time Sensitive Network (TSN) Demo – Industrial Automation

Time sensitive network (TSN) is the next-generation deterministic Ethernet standard for Industrial IoT that will unify the various fieldbuses into a single network infrastructure. This demonstration highlighted the Renesas RZ/N1 microprocessor as a TSN endpoint communicating via OPC UA protocol.

Bridging the IT and OT domains, the RZ/N1 acts as a “gateway” with these key features:

  • Supports robustness and redundancy
  • Offers real-time operation of the manufacturing (OT) domain
  • Compatible with IT bandwidth requirements

RZ/N1 Information Sheet ›


Analog & Power

Powering IoT Core and End Points with Highly Efficient, Compact, Ultra-Low Power ICs

In this demo, we showed how Renesas’ low Iq DC/DC converters:

  • Increase efficiency of the power conversion
  • Provide the maximum amount of battery life while delivering seamless wireless connection to the IoT Cloud
  • Support a wide range of battery types and package options
  • Demonstrate enough flexibility to be used in almost every IoT segment

ISL9120 Buck-Boost Regulator ›