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FAQs on the R-Car Consortium

How can I join the R-Car Consortium?

You are required to sign the specified agreements.
Click here for details.

Can a foreign company join the consortium?

Membership is also available to overseas companies; however, various events are currently held only in Japan.

Are there any participation fees?

Basically, there are no participation fees.
(If, for example, you want to take part in an exhibition, some cost may be required.)

What types of companies join the consortium?

Middleware/Applications, OSs, and Tool venders and system Integrators are our most common members,
and they are partnered companies. For details, view Partner Information.

What are the benefits of joining the R-Car Consortium?

We can readily provide a development environment, including an evaluation board and evaluation software
environment and, etc. which is required for evaluation. Let us help you in co-developing a demonstration platform
(using an R-Car product) to promote and exhibit your product.