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IoT for Smart Cities

Cities will need to become more efficient in order to keep up with the growing population. Thus, smart cities start to become the norm in the major metropolitan areas of the world

Concepts of Smart City

What is a smart city? To put it simply, smart cities operate in an efficient way using Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as connected sensors, lights, meters etc to collect and analyze data. The cities then use this data to improve infrastructure, public utilities services and more. Smart cities provide an efficient and higher quality of lifestyle for their residents in the many areas, and the potential of smart cities is boundless with the growing population.

Challenges in IoT Development

With the ability to deliver detailed information, IoT devices represent the next step in the evolution of the Internet in smart cities. The fast-evolving IoT universe offers product companies tremendous opportunities but presents development teams with an inevitable conflict between product complexity and project schedules: On one hand, the market expects that each new product generation extends the previous generation with an innovative set of exciting new features and capabilities. On the other hand, the lifetime of each product generation has shrunk dramatically. Ubiquitous connectivity and rapid consumer interchange through social networks have sharpened traditional product lifecycle curves.

To rise above the noise in the IoT marketplace, companies cannot simply apply development strategies used in previous generations. The new rules for the IoT emphasize a more fluid response to fast-changing opportunities, relying more heavily on software to bring greater innovation.

Changing Development Paradigm - Renesas Synergy™ Platform

Design engineers face many challenges – acquiring and mastering new technologies, developing code for low-level system infrastructure, performing integration and test, meeting aggressive schedules – all while facing intense cost and resources pressures.
A solid embedded software platform is the answer to these challenges by freeing resources to develop differentiated products instead of creating and maintaining the fundamental, yet essential system structure underneath.
The Renesas Synergy™ Platform is a complete and qualified platform with fully integrated software, a scalable family of microcontrollers (MCUs), and unified development tools to speed embedded system developers’ time to market as they innovate new products for IoT device applications. The Synergy Platform has all of this functionality integrated and ready to use so the customer can avoid the cost and time required to source and develop these functions internally. The Synergy Platform reduces the cost and resources needed to build basic device functionality, allowing customers to focus their resources on developing features that differentiate their products from the competition.

Learn more about Synergy™ Platform.

IoT Devices Security with Renesas IoT Sandbox - The fastest path from IoT concept to prototype

Getting into connected world also proof a challenge technologically not just about getting the product connected to cloud but how secure you are. With many systems frequently attacked by hackers and the recent attacked by ramsonware, security has been a key point into getting thing to get connected. Renesas has recently introduce the TSIP (Trusted Secure IP) that provide a low-cost implementation to get connectivity more secure. Connectivity Frameworks, libraries and driver are provided to aid in the implementation. This allow seamless upgrade and scalability for future products and platform securely.

Learn more about Renesas IoT Sandbox.

Renesas Smart City Solution

In Renesas, we are putting Big Ideas into every space, providing innovative solutions and seeking improvement in our technologies to provide a better living space in this connected world. We would like to contribute to the realization of smart city by combining our products and solutions in a concrete way - shorter development time, reduced cost and low power consumption.
The RL78 is the world’s lowest power 16-bit MCU with rich peripheral functions and high-temperature operation designed specifically for ultra-low power applications enabling customers to build compact and energy-efficient systems at lower cost, thus making it especially suitable for applications such as IoT sensor nodes.
The RX 32-bit MCU delivers an optimal balance of power efficiency and high performance leading the motor control and inverter technology.
The RZ/A series of high-end ARM-based MPU combining Renesas' proprietary technologies and the ARM® ecosystem offer up to 10 MB of on-chip SRAM for faster graphics, digital audio signal processing, device control, surveillance cameras equipped with image recognition for security and more.
Our latest RZ/G Linux series MPU enable rapid development of game-changing Linux, Android and QNX-based embedded systems. Designed for use in industrial, home appliance, office and medical equipment to deliver high-end performance applications such as graphics, multi-stream video, and embedded vision.
Renesas SynergyTM Platform, a complete and qualified platform that accelerates embedded development, inspiring innovation and enabling differentiation, mentioned above, is set to revolutionize the embedded market and to help companies develop products and services that will drive the IoT.

Renesas Initiative in Smart Cities

Renesas is actively involve in the development of smart cities.  In Singapore, we have been participating in Smart Nation Singapore development activities and projects with our stake holders.

Upcoming events:

SMU Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition

Renesas is the proud Gold Sponsor of the event. The competition is a great platform for Renesas to be able to contribute, connect and engage with the global innovation & entrepreneurship community.

In addition to the sponsorship, Renesas also giveaways four Renesas SynergyTM Platform IoT Cash Award1,3 for IoT Embedded Projects.
To add value to the award winners in IoT embedded project development, we are pleased to have our Cloud partner, MediumOne sponsoring MediumOne Cloud Credit plus 20-hours of Professional Services2,3. This enable the project team to release IoT application to market and get professional service on cloud integration, application development and IoT portal design.


  • 1. Renesas SynergyTM Platform IoT Cash Award US$2,500 each. Comes with 20-hours of application development support by Renesas Partners worth S$4,280 each.
  • 2. MediumOne Cloud Credit valued at US$5,000 plus 20-hours of Professional Services worth US$3,000, to each of the Renesas SynergyTM Platform IoT Cash Award winners.
  • 3. The Renesas SynergyTM Platform IoT Cash Award and MediumOne Cloud Credit plus 20-hours of Professional Services is only applicable to IoT embedded project development using Renesas SynergyTM Platform.


Ascendas – Singbridge “AIRMaker” IoT Seminar & Workshop

AIRMaker is an IoT-focused accelerator for Digital Health and Smart Cities startups, a collaboration among industry players in the regions for Technology start-up.
In collaboration with AIRMaker, we are hosting the IoT seminar and workshop for the SME in Singapore.  

Date: 24th October 2017, Tuesday.

Venue: Bash Singapore, #03-01, 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139955