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Motor Control Evaluation System

Motor Control Evaluation System

Kit introduction and demo videos released

Sensorless vector control attracts attention by driving brushless DC (BLDC) motor (permanent magnet synchronous motor) at high efficiency and low cost. This complicated control method is originally difficult to implement, yet with our easy-to-understand summarized procedure and tutorials, even beginners can start sensorless vector control within one day.

Evaluation Environment

Renesas Solution Starter Kit

Renesas Solution Starter Kit
24V Motor Control Evaluation System for RX23T

RX23T, equipped with FPU (Floating Point operation Unit) is the most suitable microcontroller for sensorless vector control solution.

  • BLDC Motor x 1
  • Inverter Board x 1
  • RX23T (64-pin) CPU card x 1

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RS Components

* CPU card is also available for RX24T, RX24U, RL78/G1F… etc. By using these optional items (sold separately), other motor control microcontrollers can also be evaluated.

Watch the introduction video and see what the kit can provide.

  • Control rotation speed of BLDC motor simply by turning on power and volume resistor on the board. (*)
  • Various sample software released on our website can be used for program writing.
  • By connecting PC and board with USB, motor control parameter can be displayed real time on PC in an oscilloscope-like graphic form (increase debugging efficiency, shorten development period).
  • Since it is possible to check operation while changing parameters, it is easy to evaluate and optimize the control algorithm using RSSK platform.
  • Auto-tuning (both motor characterization and control parameters estimate) are achieved with simple steps.

(*) There are two ways to rotate the motor with this kit- board switch and volume resistor operation & Renesas Motor Workbench. In the initial status when the kit was purchased, operation from the board is set as default program, and operation from Renesas Motor Workbench is the default of the sample programs published on our website. These operation methods can be switched. For more details, please refer to the sample program application notes.

Know the specification details and features of motor solution kit, motor control software and support tool!

Motor Solution Kit Introduction

* Please register "My Renesas" in order to download the document.


Development Support Tool

Motor control contains various know-how and adjusting, debugging often requires a large number of man-hours and expenses. By using Renesas development support tool - Renesas Motor Workbench, these problems can be solved and excellent cost-to-performance ratio can be highly expected.



Visualization increased debugging and evaluation efficiency!

  • Writable variables & real time waveform display
  • Display, trigger setting control parameters in an oscilloscope-like graphic form
  • Action profile creation, analysis and manipulation are possible



Auto-adjust parameters for vector control with no specialized knowledge needed!

  • Auto-extract motor parameters such as resistance and inductance, and control parameters such as PI gain by entering rated power, rated current and number of pole pairs of the motor and pressing SET button
  • Immediate usage of output parameters for motor rotation and fine adjustment is possible. Final result can be output to header file


* Tuner feature is not applicable to RL78 family.
* Motor control development support tool is not applicable to RL78/G1G.

Evaluation Kit ・Tool Demonstration

(1) Motor RSSK [Set-up]

  • Introduction of what's included
  • Board connection
  • Motor control by power-on and volume resistor operation

(2) Renesas Motor Workbench [Set-up]

  • PC software installation
  • Device driver installation

(3) Motor Control Software [Download]

  • Sample software download
  • Build using sample software CS+
  • Program writing in microcontroller
    * E1 emulator is required for program writing

(4) Analyzer [Basic]

  • Display, dynamic writing of microcontroller internal variables
  • Real-time waveform display of microcontroller internal variables

Display motor control internal variables in an oscilloscope-like graphic form!

(5) Tuner [Basic]

  • Auto-adjust parameters for sensorless vector control
  • Output parameter results for motor control usage

Immediate sensorless vector control achievable without requiring special know-how!

(6) Analyzer + Tuner [Application]

  • Display waveforms of trigger set internal variables during motor start up
  • Confirm reference speed value and motor rotation speed
  • Change control parameters and control traceability and stability

Adjust motor control parameters by monitoring motor’s behavior and internal variable waveform at the same time

Software・Application Note

Integrated Development Environment (CS+, e2 studio)


* Includes free evaluation version for linkable object size under 128KB.

Motor Control Development Support Tool "Renesas Motor Workbench"


Application Note

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (Brushless DC Motor)

Control method Download
application notes
about algorithm
Download application notes
& sample code
about implementation
Integrated development
Hall 120-degree conducting control 120-degree conducting control
e2 studio
Sensorless 120-degree conducting control RX23TRX24TRL78/G1F
e2 studio
Sensorless vector controlVector control (speed)
e2 studio
Encoder vector control Vector control (position)
e2 studio

* Uses partner board