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IO-Link Single Chip Controller




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Why IO-Link?
Increased productivity, interrupted plant operation, low maintenance and commissioning, are some of requisites for modern factories. Machine builders need always-on sensors which can be operated remotely, while preserving a cost effective installation infrastructures. To answer these needs, a worldwide consortium of sensor and semiconductor manufacturers have developed IO-Link, a new standardised communication protocol for smart industrial sensors networking.

IO-Link is a fieldbus independent serial digital communication protocol used for intelligent sensors and actuators in industrial automation systems. The specification is registered under the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) as IEC 61131-9.

IO-Link offers the following key advantages:

・Adaptable integration into existing fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet environments.
・Remote process, parameter and diagnostics data management.
・Backward compatibility with digital switching sensor interfaces.
・Communication over standard unshielded 3-wires sensor cables.


As a member of the IO-Link Consortium and a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, Renesas Electronics developed new single-chip solutions for IO-Link master applications, based on close cooperation with its business partners ELMOS Semiconductor AG and TMG-Karlsruhe. The master solution is the world's first single chip device to integrate a complete two-channel master transceiver along with the master software stack operating on the CPU core. The concept allows the development of scalable solutions when combining several of the IO-link master chips. It significantly reduces the required board space for these applications as well as the overall design cost and complexity.



Smart Sensors Networking System with IO-Link



Recommended Products for IO-Link

In addition to the IO-Link Single-chip, Renesas offers a comprehensive portfolio of microcontrollers for Smart Industrial Sensor Networking applications, and fieldbus integration in uplink protocols such as PROFINET or Ethernet/IP.

The platform line-up includes general purpose microcontrollers, and Real-Time Ethernet ASSPs. Renesas’ RX and RL78 Series of microcontrollers provide multiple inputs and outputs at low cost and are ideal for flexible product configurations. They combine multifunction timers, Enhanced analog front end peripheral, integrated multichannel A/D converters, ultra-low-power operation suitable for compact and energy-efficient sensor applications.



Block Semiconductor device Recommended products Features, etc.
IO-Link Slave MCU RL78/G1A 1.6 V to 3.6 V operation, True Low power, Enhanced Analog Peripheral, 16-bit CPU
RX111 1.8 V to 3.6 V operation, Low power consumption, Enhanced Analog Peripheral, 32-bit CPU
IO-Link Master Single-chip UPD78F806x Low power consumption 16-bit CPU, integrated Dual IO-Link Master PHY
Fieldbus Integration MCU RX Ethernet Embedded Ethernet controller
ASSP Real-Time Ethernet Real-Time Ethernet



IO-Link Partner websites:

・Leaders in analogue and communications technologies for industrial and automotive markets
・Provides IO-Link transceivers with a frame handler powered by Renesas Electronics


・Leading software and systems consultancy for industrial and automotive markets
・Engineering software supports operation of IO-Link devices based on IO Device Description (IODD)



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