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I-RJ45 Industrial Ethernet Communication Module


The new Industrial Ethernet Module (I-RJ45) is a certified hardware and software solution that allows an engineer to quickly develop a product and bring it to market. Based on Renesas technology and quality standards, the module includes certified software of leading industrial Ethernet protocol PROFINET®. Other industrial protocols such as EtherCAT®, EtherNet/IP™ and Modbus/TCP® are in preparation and will be available soon. In addition, the modules includes a high-speed SPI interface to communicate with the application controller. With a standard software interface (Generic Open Abstraction Layer) the device application can easily connected to the module protocol software. This allows developers to easily implement various industrial Ethernet protocols and focus on developing their application software.


The Industrial Ethernet Module (I-RJ45) solution comes in a size of a single or dual port RJ45 connector targeted to support various network topologies and industrial network slave applications like sensors and transmitters, gateways, operator terminals and remote I/O solutions.



Figure: Easy connection between Application MCU and Renesas I-RJ45 Module


Easy setup for faster time to market

Connect your Application with the Intelligent RJ45 to Industrial Ethernet fieldbus system

The Industrial Ethernet Protocol for the feldbus communication runs inside the Renesas Intelligent RJ45 Module. With the corresponding API of the protocol library (Generic Open Abstraction Layer) the communication is exported to the application MCU via the SPI interface. The application MCU has full control of the Industrial Ethernet protocol without investing in the CPU power to run the protocol. This relieves the application MCU from the often crucial CPU load to run the real-time communication protocol. Renesas provides sample application and drivers for the application MCU in source code. This helps the user of the I-RJ45 module solution get the device running easily which saves development time and cost, and enables a fast time to market. Via the Ethernet interface the module allows a software update of its own firmware as well as the application MCU.



I-RJ45 Industrial Ethernet Communication Module

Figure: I-RJ45 Software Structure


Product Features

  • 1-port or 2-port RJ45 connector with the support of the following Industrial Ethernet protocols:
    • PROFINET RT conformance class B
    • EtherNet/IP (soon)
    • EtherCAT (soon)
    • MODBUS TCP (soon)
  • High speed SPI interface to connect the application CPU/MCU
  • Firmware update of I-RJ45 as well as application CPU/MCU possible
  • Comprehensive tool support and examples in source code


Ordering Information

Part Number




1-port Module (50pcs)

380 x 320 x 270 mm


2-port Module (30pcs)

380 x 320 x 270 mm



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