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The Making of an Autonomous Car - Chapter 2


WEBINAR November 15, 2017


The next chapter of production-focused automotive innovation requires collaboration to advance autonomy into real cars on the road. Indeed, the most challenging part of developing a cost-optimised, production-ready automated driving system involves the hard work of many disciplined partners.

In January 2017 at CES in Las Vegas, Renesas demonstrated the work of a large team of professors, scientists and automotive engineers solving critical production challenges faced by the automotive industry. This included silicon-level cyber security, triple redundancy of hardware and fail-operational software. Much has happened since CES. In this free 60-minute webinar, the collaboration between the University of Waterloo, BlackBerry QNX and Renesas will be disclosed, and attendees will learn about some of the complex developments of 2017.


View the webinar recording:


The Making of an Autonomous Car


WEBINAR October 18, 2017 

It is no longer a black art to build a car that drives itself under testing conditions. Complex hardware and sensor kits are available and free software has been put into open source. What is missing? Production readiness. Before a car can be built in series production, many technical challenges need to be solved, the most important surrounding safety.

Renesas Electronics and the University of Waterloo https://uwaterloo.ca/centre-automotive-research/ have assembled a team of over 50 engineers and scientists to solve some of those problems that will lead to achieving safer driving on real roads sooner. During this free 60-minute webinar you’ll hear their story and learn about what has been accomplished over the past 18 months.


  • Introduction Renesas autonomy™ program, Joel Hoffmann
  • Presentation on WatCAR program, Ross McKenzie
  • Presentation on Waterloo Research Project, Steven Waslander
  • Q&A

View the webinar recording: