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Renesas Synergy™ Ecosystem – Extending the functionality of SSP

The SSP meets most requirements of software developers who are designing IoT devices or MCU-based embedded systems. However, when there is a need for unique and specialized software functions, or software drivers required for specific hardware to be added to Synergy-based designs, the partner ecosystem in the Synergy Gallery is the answer.

The Software Add-Ons area of the Synergy Gallery contains Verified Software Add-on (VSA) components that bring specialized functions to extend the SSP, and the Partner Showcase area is home to many Partner Projects that provide useful solutions leveraging the Synergy Platform, and very importantly, many Partner Projects provide software drivers for hardware such as RF Modules for wireless connectivity.

VSAs and Partner Projects are real world solutions that can be used directly in your own software projects to accelerate your IoT device development cycle.


Synergy Platform + Partner Projects and Verified Software Add-ons = Real Solutions





Renesas is constantly expanding the 3rd party network of vendors who contribute VSAs and Partner Projects to the Synergy Gallery to serve the broad requirements of developers using the Synergy Platform.


Here’s what some our partners have to say about contributing to the Synergy Platform:



Brings ideas to market, developing the software needed - in time.


"The great collaboration between CS-Lab and Renesas has resulted in the new DALI 2.0 VSA. We are first to market with this product that offers Synergy Platform users an all-around carefree package for the development of DALI-compatible applications," explains Christian Klinger, CEO of CS-Lab GmbH. "The Renesas Synergy™ Platform’s S128 MCU combines stability on all levels with high user-friendliness," Klinger emphasizes. "The DALI 2.0 VSA supports developers with their different building blocks, like Legos®, in the construction of DALI-compatible applications. This allows developers to fully focus on their end-use applications and halve their development process,” he continues.

Clarinox provides device to cloud connectivity software solutions covering simultaneous and comprehensive implementations of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® Classic, Bluetooth® Low Energy secure wireless protocol stack software, augmented with MQTT, CoAP, & IFTTT. The Clarinox software is complimented by a sophisticated software debugger to enable faster time to market and reduced maintenance overhead in production.


If you place value on wireless software that enables something more than the basics; then the device to cloud connectivity software from Clarinox is for you. Bluetooth® Classic, Bluetooth® Low Energy and Wi-Fi protocol stack software that is comprehensive, secure, and comes complete with focused wireless debug capability.

“We are delighted to offer our comprehensive Device to Cloud connectivity solutions on the Synergy Platform”, said Trish Messiter, CEO of Clarinox Technologies, “Clarinox approached the implementation of our Bluetooth®/BLE/Wi-Fi solutions with time to market in mind; and in adding MQTT, CoAP and IFTTT the approach to reduce implementation time for secure and complex IoT design continued. We are pleased that this is in great alignment with the principles of the Renesas Synergy™ program. By integrating our software solutions with the production-grade Synergy Software Package, we reduce time to market even further for our corporate customers seeking that extra level of future proofing and sophistication.”


 A global provider of products, services, and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions.

David Spragg, Vice President, Semiconductor Marketing and Engineering of Arrow EMEA commented: “ARIS EDGE accelerates and streamlines the development of small, power-efficient devices at the extremities of the IoT. Customers using this board will be able to leverage the Synergy Platform and deliver new products to market faster and hence gain an important competitive edge as opportunities for IoT devices that are small, power-efficient, and smart continue to emerge.”


Avnet Silica is the European semiconductor specialist division of Avnet, Inc., one of the world’s largest distributors of electronic components and embedded solutions. With its team of application engineers and technical specialists, Avnet Silica supports projects all the way from the idea to the concept to production.


“By utilizing Renesas’ Synergy Platform, Avnet Silica’s Visible Things platform is also enhanced for industrial edge to enterprise IoT applications. Security, wider connectivity options, embedded vision, are all developed quickly and simply with Synergy inside Visible Things. Partnering with a leader in IoT means that Avnet Silica can deliver a complete evaluation, development, reference design and add-on software with the Synergy Software Package,” stated John Jones, Director of Innovation Avnet Silica.


World’s leading digital authentication company and the inventor of SRAM Physical Unclonable Function or SRAM PUF. Intrinsic ID leverages inherent manufacturing variations in chips to create unique IDs and keys to authenticate chips, data, devices and systems.

"The Internet of Things is hampered by the burdens of security, cost and scalability, and it will not see its full growth potential until those issues are overcome,” said Pim Tuyls, CEO of Intrinsic ID. “I am excited that the integration of Intrinsic ID’s device identity technology with the Synergy Platform relieves device manufacturers from having to make a trade-off between cost and security."

Redpine Signals provides software drivers and examples for Redpine RS9113 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi modules

“Redpine Signals, a creator of low-power and high-performance multi-protocol wireless technology products for the IoT market, is now pleased to be a Synergy Platform Partner, commented Venkat Mattela, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Without wireless, there is no IoT, and without strong partnerships, there are no compelling solutions. This is the intent behind the Synergy Wireless Application Framework and our RS9113 wireless module with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and ZigBee that extends wireless connectivity to Synergy MCUs.”

Securely connecting the Internet of Things, Cypherbridge Systems supplies standalone, IoT and Cloud Connected Software Development Kits and Toolkits.


“The rollout and design wins for the Synergy S5D5 further establish a leading value point in the embedded MCU market, and marks another proof point for the Synergy product line. We are pleased to affirm our long-term partnership with Renesas,” commented Steve DeLaney of Cypherbridge Systems, adding, “As one of the original Synergy VSA approved third party solutions, our SDKPac is proven, integrated and deployed in a variety of customer projects and vertical markets, delivering security and connectivity from device to cloud. SDKPac for Synergy is available today to quick start project R&D, boost ROI, and accelerate time-to-production”.


Too see all the VSAs and Partner Projects, please visit the Synergy Gallery