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RPBRL78G13 Promotional Board for RL78G13

The Renesas Promotional Kit (RPB) for RL78G13 has been designed to enable the user to quickly investigate the performance of the RL78G13 device family.


The RPB for RL78G13 is easy to use and powered by the USB interface, supporting on-board debugging, flash programming, and is pre-programmed to work with an interactive GUI provided on the DVD.


Key functions of the RL78 such as RTC, ADC, Timers, safety functions and on-chip data flash can be easily evaluated using the intuitive GUI. Other simple I/O-functions (i.e. LED output, I/O lines, UART serial interface) and not forgetting the class leading low power consumption, can easily be investigated


Once the GUI and device features have been fully investigated further evaluation of the RL78 development tools can be completed using the on-board debugger along with the IAR Embedded Workbench and compiler


When combined with the 16K evaluation IAR compiler and full source code of the embedded GUI code the RPB makes an ideal introductory platform for RL78G13 device family.


The RPB pack contains everything the user needs to install and get going within minutes of opening it, there is no need to download anything from the web!


Kit Contents

The RPBRL78G13 blister-pack contains:

  • RPBRL78G13 board
  • RPBRL78G13 8cm mini-DVD containing evaluation software, sample software and the documentation suite (including the Quick Start Guide) - also downloadable from here
  • USB cable
  • Mini screwdriver

We are continually adding new features and releases of software to the kit. Please ensure you are using the latest version by downloading the CD image from this link.


The RPB Board

The RPB Board is shown here; everything you need to interact with the RL78G13 is included.

The on board debugger is built onto the PCB providing a complete Evaluation platform in one small package.



The board is pre-programmed with an embedded application that interacts with the host PC application via a virtual UART USB connection.

The PC application will showcase the Real Time Clock (RTC), Data Flash and memory protection, low power modes and built in self test functionality of the RL78G13 device

Evaluation Compiler

The RPBRL78G13 is supplied with a 16K limited kick start for IAR RL78 compiler. This enables the supplied embedded sample code to be studied and amended as required.


Flash Programmer

Also included with the RPB starter kit is WriteEZ5, Windows based Flash programming software, allowing the user to select and download application programs for evaluation purposes.



Applilet is an application builder designed to eliminate the need to write low level drivers for the target device. By customising peripheral configurations in an intuitive GUI an engineer can very quickly produce a running target system. The code that is generated is fully compatible with the IAR RL78 compiler.


An installation of Applilet for RL78G13 is included in the kit.

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