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Power MOSFETs for Automotive

As the leading supplier of Automotive Low Voltage Power MOSFET RENESAS offers a wide variety of N- and P-Channel products.



As the leading supplier of Automotive Low Voltage Power MOSFET RENESAS offers a wide variety of N- and P-Channel products. With the NP-Series designed to meet the Automotive AEC-Q101 requirements multiple applications in the Automotive field are addressed:


  • Powertrain: Engine Control, Transmission, HEV/EV Motor, AT Control
  • Chassis: Steering/EPS, Brake/ABS, Suspensions, Chassis Control
  • Body: Water-, Oil- and Fuel-Pumps, Window Lift, Door Lock, Power Seat Power Mirror, etc.


The Automotive Power MOSFETs of the NP-Series feature:


  • AEC-Q101 and RoHS compliance
  • Standard maximum channel Temperature: 175°C
  • Highest current capability
  • Super low RDS(on)
  • Outstanding Quality & Reliability: Field Failure Rates « 0.1 ppm
  • Single and dual channel devices in smart and compact packages



Process Trend - Towards Higher Efficiency


The excellent features of latest ANL2 process - a combination of Trench and Super-Junction Technologies - allow to improve efficiency of high performance Automotive switching applications. Optimized trench structures lead to continuous RDS(on) reduction and to a market leading level of RDS(on) x QG (Figure of Merit) performance.


  • ANL2 process: Based on Super-Junction Structure + Cell Shrink.
  • Lowest RDS(on) down to 0.85mΩ
  • FOM (Figure of Merit) improvement of 46%.
  • Reduction of ON-losses and switching losses




Package Trend - Towards Higher Current & Smaller Size


Based on Renesas's long experience in advanced packaging technology a variety of standard power packages are offered into a wide range of applications in the Automotive field. To meet increasing ECU power requirements RENESAS packages are optimized for highest electrical and thermal performance. For smaller size and reduced mounting area needs the new HSON-8 package has been developed.



HSON-8 Features


  • Optimal electrical performance due to flat lead package
  • Reduced footprint: 31mm2 vs. 64mm2 of TO-252
  • Exposed pad for enhanced thermal performance
  • Wettable flanks enabling AOI
  • Proven board level reliability


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