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    4. Renesas Electronics Announces Development of New 32-Bit RX Family CPU Core, the RXv2
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Main Specifications of RXv2 Core

  Main Specification
Max Operating Frequency (Target) 300 MHz
  • General purpose: Sixteen 32-bit registers
  • Control: Ten 32-bit registers
  • Accumulator: Two 72-bit registers
Instruction Set Specification
  • 109 instruction sets
  • Flexible length instruction (1Byte-8Byte)
  • Supporting 3 operand format
Endian Mode
  • Instructions: little endian
  • Data: Selectable as little or big endian
Address Space 4 GB
Addressing Mode 12 (register–register operations, register–memory operations)
(immediate–register operations, immediate–memory operations, memory–memory transfer, and bitwise operations etc.)
FPU Single precision (32-bit) floating point
(Data types and floating-point exceptions in conformance with the IEEE754 standard)
Multiplier High Speed Multiplier (32 bit × 32 bit = 64 bit)
Divider High Speed Divider
Product sum Operation High Speed (32 bit × 32 bit + 80 bit = 80 bit)
Performance (Target)
  • Over 2.00 DMIPS/MHz (Dhrystone 2.1)
  • Over 4.0 Coremark/MHz
Current Consumption (Target value based on MCU) Under 0.3 mA/MHz


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