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Product Specifications of the RMLV0416E, RMLV0414E and RMLV0408E Series of SRAM (4 Mbit, 110 nm Process)

Part NumberSupply VoltageWord OrganizationPackageAccess TimePin TypeStandby Current
RMLV0416EGSB-4S22.7 V–3.6 Vx16TSOPII (44)45nsCS2 pin typeUp to 25°C: 2 µA (max.)
Up to 40°C: 3 µA (max.)
Up to 70°C: 5 µA (max.)
Up to 85°C: 7 µA (max.)
RMLV0416EGSB-5S255 ns
RMLV0414EGSB-4S245 nsCS1 pin type
RMLV0414EGSB-5S255 ns
RMLV0416EGBG-4S2FBGA (48)45ns 
RMLV0416EGBG-5S255 ns 
RMLV0408EGSP-4S2x8SOP (32)45ns 
RMLV0408EGSP-5S255 ns 
RMLV0408EGSB-4S2TSOPII (32)45 ns 
RMLV0408EGSB-5S255 ns 
RMLV0408EGSA-4S2sTSOPI (32)45 ns 
RMLV0408EGSA-5S255 ns 

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