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    4. Renesas Electronics Introduces Compact Lithium-ion Battery Charging Control IC Supporting USB Charging

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Product Specifications of the R2A20055NS IC

  • Available for 1 cell Li-ion battery

  • High voltage input terminal (25 V max.)

  • USB charge
  • Input current limitation by external control signal (100 mA/500 mA)

  • High precision charge control voltage
  • Charge control voltage: 4.2+/-21 mV (+/-0.5%)

  • Compliance with JEITA
  • Thermistor I/F detects battery temp. to control CC/CV parameters by built-in charge profile

  • Protection function
  • Input UVLO/OVLO
  • Battery over voltage detection
  • Charge Timer
  • Chip temperature detection
  • Thermal shutdown

  • Others
  • Recharge function

  • Package
  • HUSON-10 (2.0 mm × 2.5 mm, 0.4 mm terminal pitch)

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