The ZL9101M is a 12A variable output step-down PMBus-compliant digital power supply. The module has a high performance digital PWM controller, power MOSFETs, an inductor, and all the passive components required for a complete DC/DC power solution.


The ZL9101M is the industry's first integrated digital power module. This device replaces up to 80 components in a typical full-featured power supply design with one small low-profile pick-and-place digital module. This means that engineers spend less time designing power supplies and can integrate more features on the board for greater value.

The ZL9101M not only regulates to better than 1% accuracy, it has built-in power management, fault management, and telemetry.

The PMBus interface means that you configure this power supply with the ease of point-and-click technology. With its wide input and output voltage ranges, plus 12A of output current, you can use this across the board in almost any application.

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