This video introduces how COVID-19 and other recent changes have affected major trends in the automotive business globally, and how Renesas remains a leader in the automotive space by evolving our approach. The overall portfolio for Renesas' automotive applications based on digital, analog and power products will be covered in this presentation, as well as megatrends in the market and how they have been affected by COVID-19. Renesas focuses on three key end-user needs, zero emissions, zero accidents and zero stress. Trends that remain powerful, despite COVID-19. Renesas expects to see an 8x increase in electric vehicles by 2025, a 5x increase in sensor content from L2 to L4/L5 vehicles, and a 2x increase in telematic installed vehicles by 2025. However, COVID-19 has affected the market in the short term where we can see a drop in overall vehicle production and sales figures. From this perspective, the market must embrace a "New Normal" which involves going from Connected Autonomous Shared Electrified (CASE) to the Personal Autonomous Connected Electrified (PACE) era. Semiconductor demand remains strong globally despite the negative impact of COVID-19. Renesas is in the position to support our customers with our trusted, innovative and open solutions. Customers can easily shift and adjust to the PACE era with Renesas products and solutions.