International Data Corporation (IDC), a premier global provider of market intelligence offers global, regional, and local expertise on technology and industry opportunities and trends in over 110 countries. Below are some IDC white papers that focus on the AI/ML industry.

IDC White Paper

Embedded Artificial Intelligence: Reconfigurable Processing Accelerates AI in Endpoint Systems for the OT Market

This IDC white paper provides a perspective of the transformation of embedded semiconductors and the key technologies necessary to enable the adoption of AI and emerging usage models that illustrate the potential that AI brings to embedded systems and the operational technology (OT) market.


IDC White Paper - Executive Snapshot

Smart Buyers Want Smart Devices in Their Homes

This IDC white paper provides a perspective of how AI will be infused into billions of Smart Home devices which in turn will place many design constraints on the processors expected to implement the AI/ML algorithms, including low power consumption, low latency, and real-time response.


IDC White Paper - Executive Snapshot

Using AI/ML to Transform Factories into Smart Factories Equals More Efficiency, More Profit

AI/ML is increasingly at the heart of the Industrial 4.0 decision-making process because AI/ML algorithms are proving to be better than any other algorithms at solving problems of high dimensionality.


IDC White Paper - Executive Snapshot

Putting the “Smarts” into Smart Buildings

The reach of embedded AI will be bound by how quickly AI/ML algorithms can be created and trained and how efficiently systems can harness the computing power needed to address the growing and complex computational requirements at the edge and at endpoints.


IDC White Paper - Executive Snapshot

Making Robots Smarter with AI/ML

To increase productivity, efficiency, and agility, and to better delight customers, manufacturing organizations and enterprises are transforming their islands of automation into connected assets, connected products, and connected services.


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