Renesas recommends the RL78/G14 equipped with a multi-function timer that supports sine wave drive mode with low pin count for motor control, and the PS25xx photocoupler for the motor drive.
The training menu is operated while watching the LCD display panel of the console part. Therefore, we recommend the RL78/L12 equipped with LCD control circuit for the control microcontroller. As an additional function, a treadmill may also have a heart rate sensor to help the user keep to the proper exercise intensity. There are heart rate sensors that perform measurements using electrodes in the grips grasped by the user, and those that send a wireless pulse from a sensor wrapped around the chest.  
Renesas recommends remote control microcontrollers and ZigBee microcontrollers for wireless control. We offer a rich selection of products such as microcontrollers and wireless modules for realizing treadmill functions.


System Block Diagram

System Block Diagram

Recommended Products
Block Semiconductor Device Recommended Products Features, etc.
Console part Microcontroller RL78/L12 On-chip LCD driver
Operational amplifier READ2352JSP Full range Input/output , High slew rate
Motor control part Microcontroller R8C Family 16-bit CPU
RL78/G14 16-bit CPU
Photocoupler (standard) PS23xx Series
PS27xx Series
PS28xx Series
High isolation voltage (5kVr.m.s.), 4p-LSOP, Ta=115°C
High isolation voltage (3.75kVr.m.s.), 4p-SOP, Ta=110°C
High isolation voltage (2.5kVr.m.s.), 4p-SSOP, Ta=110°C
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