Easy authentication between platforms or equipment

Tamper resistant module that enables industrial platform equipment management.


Mutual authentication which directly connects the industrial platform to each piece of equipment.

A public key authentication is provided to each individual piece of equipment.
These then, are therefore identified and determined to be reliable by a robust public key cryptographic algorithm in addition to the industry security certificate.

Secure the existing equipment configuration "without modification”

A standard embedded communication interface is available.
It is possible to add an authentication function while maintaining the equipment architecture.

A “confidential information" is protected with support of creation, issuance and writing.

Supports certificate creation and writing in Renesas' secure environment.
We will contribute to acceleration of customer development.


There is a big change in the industrial equipment industry. By joining industrial equipment and the basis of information technology, data analysis, remote control, maintenance etc. at various sites are carried out, additional value is generated in addition to an improvement in productivity.
These changes are led by platforms that are created by makers of industrial equipment.

What are the challenges in realizing this type of industrial platform?
From the viewpoint of the platformer (service provider), the question is how to deliver high value-added services to the right parties, and from the viewpoint of the factory operator (service user), its how to correctly recognize the service and connect the equipment. From the viewpoint of industrial equipment makers, the impact on equipment configuration becomes a challenge.

As a solution to solving these problems, Renesas proposes an easy authentication solution between industrial platforms and devices using tamper resistant modules.
By introducing this solution, it will be possible to manage industrial platform service equipment.

Added on 2018-05-12