The digital illuminometer is composed of an integrated light sensor (ISL76683), OLED display and a cap-touch keypad. It can be used to monitor the lux value of a variety of lighting conditions. The OLED display method can be controlled with touch key input, while the LED brightness also can be changed as a function of ambient light changes.

Optimized for handheld applications, this design incorporates the RA2A1 microcontroller, which with its analog support, can simply implement USB charging of a Li-ion battery. Voltage and current can be monitored and controlled with real-time feedback, while charging mode can be adjusted as required.

System Benefits

  • Four lux sensitivity ranges provided automatically, LED brightness also can be changed
  • MCU-based lithium battery management, which includes pre-charging, CC, CV charging mode, overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheating protection
System Block Diagram

Digital Illuminometer


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